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[Archived] The Standard of refereeing


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Just now, scotchrover said:

I disagree- this Kettle bloke is making too many abysmal decisions to not merit people complaining. Had Bennett been on that pitch, I think we might have just won that.

Is this the second time we’ve spoke about him on here though? Multiply that by goodness knows how many, based on other clubs’ misfortunes, and surely he’s a ref that brings the game into disrepute.  

Ill be honest, I don’t mind some of the referees in this league, simply due to the fact they don’t penalise proper challenges- something you get higher up. 

Kettle wasn't the referee on Saturday.

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2 hours ago, scotchrover said:

My mistake- it certainly sounded like him on the radio though! 

Darren England, complete & utter dog poo. I don't get frustrated with refs anymore because the next 1 might be ok or you get 2 bad on a trot & then the next 2 good might be ok. You'd have to be extremely unlucky to get vendettas all the time.

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I've not criticised a ref in years but Saturday's ref was a shocker. Bennett's 2nd yellow was a joke and so was Chapman's if it was for booting the ball away. Smallwood did himself no favours by giving the ref an excuse to book him.

On the whole though the standard of refereeing has surprised me compared to the poor standard in the championship.

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