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[Archived] Venkys, Kean, Stability and Progress?

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First time real poster on this board. Long time reader. From my perspective, having read so many threads and posts, i think our atention should be focused on the questions we want ask by the media. Too much emphasis is being put on protests, which group is in the right or wrong, whether we should protest or back the team during the battle ahead. Personally i will back the team till the end whatever the outcome.

Now during this period we should focus our attention, not on bickering between ourselves, but on giving the media reasons for our anger. I know this is more difficult than skiing uphill, but we must try. Emailing, tweeting, contacting journos with a detailed list of grievances and question we want answering, and explaining that these are the ubderlying reasons for our anger. These may not do much but give the media and general fan an idea of our anger and may generate sympathy.

Feel free to argue against my point but this is better than petty squabbling.

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I read the first page only way too much positive Kean stuff for me. He created the problem just because we hit a speed bump in our spiral downward does not entitle him to suddenly become a good manager, Venky's keeping him a masterstroke? You are taking the mickey. Their masterplan is on course and will be seen to fruition by seasons end with their mouthpiece at the helm. Perhaps then and only then will we be shut of these lowlifes

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