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[Archived] Abu Hamza extradited to US

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About keaning time I say. Taken long enough.

As for the jets I would have thought it was the Yanks who pick up the tab for that as they were American jets and they wanted to extradite them and not us wanting to send them there.

After eight years of court cases, costing £1m in legal fees, this time radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza doesn't get off the hook:


Intentional pun?!

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Just a pity the plane made it across the pond. btw who picks up the tab for the cost of those jets?

I`d happily chip in a few quid ;)

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As the Sun's headline read: He can hook off :D glad the arsehole is out of the country. I never quite understand why 'they' hate the western ideal of freedom of speech, and yet use that freedom in an attempt to get rid of that freedom.....oddballs.

By 'they', I refer to muslim extremists, not true muslims (I believe 'Islam' translates as 'Peace'?) whom I find very sociabale, kind and more than generous.

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Muslim extremists are "true" muslims, the ones you are talking about with over eager apologetic tones are lay like people who drink, swear, philander and then go confess at Sunday mass.

So he pleads not guilty and wants to now be called by his birth name, what a half arsed fundamentalist he is, at least the minions that strap bombs to themselves are devout and dedicated.

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