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[Archived] Chinese Tablets

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Hi Guys

Im looking into a cheap tablet, one just to mess around with, as i already have a tablet. Ive been looking around, and came across some decent Chinese tablets at pretty good prices.

I know there are always drawbacks when buying these chinese things, especially after sales support.

However, im looking for anything between 120 and 150 pounds price range. The ones i noticed that have received good reviews are the following;

Onda Vi40

Cube U30GT

Chuwy V99

Cube U9GT5

They V99 and U9GT5 have both Retina displays, dual core Cpu and Quad Core GPU.

like i said, i have never purchased a Chinese Branded device, but would not have a problem doing so.

Has anybody bought a chinese tablet, and what are the experience like?

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yeh i know mate, but i need a bigger screen size than both the Nexus 7 and Kindle. But thanks, ill have a look around see what i can get

btw how much are the Nexus 7 8GB going for? I would assume, that with the release of the Nexus 10, there would be some price drop? also the 3G Nexus 7 will also appear soon, so the wifi only model would be cheap?

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Kind of on topic, more a general tablet query......

I'm thinking of getting my eight year old a very cheap, basic tablet to avoid her destroying the home laptop. However, I was talking to a chap at work who seems to think that you can't get those simple, flash games to work properly as it isn't compatible with the flash software. Given she spends half her time on "Moshi Monsters" would a cheapish netbook be a better option?

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you can run an emulator on an Android device, and get old nintendo 64, Sega, Atari etc running on it. Android is very flexible when it comes to things like this, so while i cant tell to you 100 percent if it will work, it doesnt mean that it wont either. You will have to do some research.

Ive decided to give up Android, and get me a netbook. While the apps are great etc, i just feel a bit tired of it all now.

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64gb Blackberry Playbook with discount codes can now be picked up for about £120 at PC World.

I have it and have been impressed. Loads of storage space for my daughters favourite TV shows.

I was going to suggest the same. To answer Ray-Von's question about Flash, Playbooks are fully Flash compitable aren't they?

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not true Glenn, rooting and flashing doesnt necessarily drain battery. If you install the wrong type of Rom, then you could like in my case brick your tablet. Right now, im frantically trying to get it unbricked, but i have a problem, in that my power button is not working. So getting into the menus are difficult. At this rate, im thinking of sending it to Asus to have it fixed, and paying for the repair.

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Window's 8 ones won't be a bargain before christmas. I'd give the surface 6 months of not selling before the fire-sales hit.

For £200, I'd get the Nexus 7 32gb. You could get the Kindle Fire HD 32GB for the same price but its tied to Amazon app store (without hacking).

would agree with the nexus 7 - amazing value

Plus you get £15 to spend of there app store

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The Nexus 7 is available for £50 if you subscribe to the times online for 18 months.. I've just ordered mine as I already get the times. The deal is £4 per week for all digital editions if anyone is interested.

Not exactly a good deal (unless you read the times) when you can get a Nexus 7 for £199.00

18months contract at £4 per week £312 plus £50 = £362.00

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To save new thread. We currently use an Asus Eee for a specific work function, stock taking. We run a very simple Open Office spreadsheet, with seven very simple columns each of which can be sorted and filtered as required. There are no formulas and data entry is limited to entering a quantity in the row against a stock code and location; products are listed in column A, location is column B and requires an alpha entry, quantity in stock is column C and requires a numeric entry.

The Asus still functions beautifully but the view has always been difficult for the user. I'd like to move to an iPad or Nexus for this function. From what I can gather iPad can only run very basic Excel via an app, Open Office have no intention of creating software for the iPad and the Nexus is OK for running Excel via OfficeSuite Pro 6.

Anyone got any experience of running Excel on iPad or Nexus? Is it reasonable for very, very simple spreadsheets. To transfer the docs back to a PC I presume we'd have to email it to oursleves?


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I bought a SmartQ T30 from Android Mall around a month ago.

Total cost £243 of which £23 was for five day delivery, arrived spot on time.

No duty as invoice showed goods as a E book value £37.

Good communication through out.

Initial set up was done at the factory in English,

Some Chinese Apps still needed removing, no problems there.

Web super fast; screen responsive better than my S2 and that is good IMO.

Top spec but no retina screen, I was considering them but there seems to be stock issues.

A little heavier than many and not as thin as others but it does have a metal/aluminium casing.

Over all rating from me is a 9

Screen marks really bad, nothing a purpose wipe won't cure or a screen saver

Flash games are a problem as you know on Android especially Jelly Bean so you need either to go back to ICS think it is or play them through the 'Photon browser' which has a flash option, available from the Play Store.

Cube have poor speakers and in most cases you only get one.

Some of the other brands mentioned in the OP also suffer from light bleed around the edges of the screens, according to many of the users on the Android tablet forums.

FAO Paul

Kingsoft suite is right up your street that's if you don't consider Android a compromise, added bonus you can use 'Dropbox' to store everything, not that you need to with most Chinese tabs coming with 16+GB extendible to 32.

Here's a screen shot of one I'm using for some game stats on my abive Tab.


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