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[Archived] Fc Baku - New Manager


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FC Baku officially appointed Vugar Huseynzade, a 21 year old Azeri, Huseynzade, who never managed a single team before, was appointed as the manager based on his experience in the well-known football simulation.

Still prob a better appointment that Mr Kean


Ops dident see the other thread, please close :(

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I remember David Moyes said he used custom version of football manager to assist with scouting. Its mental giving someone a job off the back of being good at football manager, you cant save the game right before a important game in real life..

Or restart it when your losing (not that I would ever think of doing that!)

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I trust his first assignment will be to add 'rjejekei euebbeb' as manager of Manchester City, and immediately offer 100million for one of his reserves?


Ok so now I've read it, he's actually in charge of the reserves, and has been at the club since February. Not much of a story once you get the details.

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