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[Archived] Wasn't this guy linked with buying Rovers?


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The guy in the article (Bassini) was, I'm sure linked with buying us from the Walker Trust. I actually heard he was presented with a pre-contract agreement from a well known agent who was working for the Trust and one of the clauses was that Kean would be made manager. I do wonder about some of our dealings in the last two years.


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If I was a Luton Town supporter reading the last couple of paragraphs, my heckles would be up right now. If they go after Bassini and don't deduct points from Watford then it would suggest serious double standards.

If I recall correctly, Luton went to lengths to argue that financial wrong doings were committed by the previous regime yet they were still crucified as a club with points deductions.

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Guest Norbert

Was this the sort of thing what Luton got a 30 point deduction for a few years ago? Watford should get at least 10 points knocked off, as other clubs have for going into administration, or whatever. Any failure to punish Watford would show the FA as bent as a hook and only going after the smaller clubs like Darlington, Luton etc.

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