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[Archived] Rochdale away - 20th July

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I was at the game, and although you have to take preseason games with a large dose of salt, it wasn't impressive.

The biggest worry for me were the tactics we employed. The team sat very deep wit hMarrow and Lowe. Marrow was the better of the two I thought, but he sat very deep most of the time, picking up the ball alongside Dann and Hanley, with Lowe doing almost nothing in front of him. Marrow wasn't great but he did ok for a friendly and is well ahead of Lowe for me.

Judge wasn't bad either but like Marrow played too close to Kane a lot of the time, not giving each other a ball down the line. Taylor didn't do much to impress either, hopefully he will get better when the real games start.

Kane wasn't very good but we know he is capable of a lot more. Morris was poor and didn't look like a left back, the first goal was at least partly his fault. Kilgallon was also partly at fault at left back for the second goal but he'd only just come on so perhaps we can forgive him. When Raheem Hanley came on he did quite well but didn't fill me with confidence as a couple of times he almost got done, hopefully he will continue to improve but I don't think he is ready yet. A new left back will be pretty important I'd say.

Upfront neither player played well but, unlike some others, I thought Best showed a few glimpses of his quality and when the season starts he might be a player who can perform a big role. It won't help if people get on his back like they did during this game, i think he has the talent it just depends on whether he has the desire.

DJ looked lively when he came on and took his goal well. I still don't think he can play with Rhodes as they are too similar but he would be a very high quality back up.

King showed a bit when he came on, if he can find consistency then he will be an excellent option, but it is a very big if.

There were so many changes in the last 20 minutes the others didn't have much chance.

As I stated at the beginning the biggest worry was the lack of adventure in the tactics, hopefully when we get a new centre mid we will push on a lot more.

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