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[Archived] Diogo Viana


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Looks like we may of missed out on a gem in the summer. Unsurprising we didn't complete the deal though as our luck with Portuguese players isn't the best to say the least! http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/everton-ramp-up-diogo-viana-2809513

Are you saying Bowyer couldn't spot a gem when it was under his nose :blink: well looking at some of his summer signings ummmm

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How many did we sign 6! They weren't all awful mind think Nuno Gomes still had something to offer, thought Rosado was never given the chance, Paulo Jorge is hit and miss but edinho and the cb were truly awful.

Hope Nunes is still here and given a real run of games he looks good and is probably the best crosser of the ball we have. Can't help but think that he won't be given the chance and we would of ruined his career.

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