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[Archived] Overseas Fans

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On that theme Gav, seem to remember someone fast asleep for the whole 90 mins (good effort to make it into the stadium though), completely paralytic. Wonder if it was someone off the mb?

I think it was a chap who owns a business in Blackburn (fireplaces), and his nephew posted on here I seem to recall.

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oh i remenber the game in sofia well,ground in middle off a park,the local plod and rovers travel had arranged a escort to the ground,i missed that on purpose and set off to the ground looking for revenge for jordan who was frightened to death by cska ultras the night before,a little way into the park i met 3 @#/? up rovers fans who attacked every bulgarian verbally and physically,was quite funny at the time.only later that night was i told that the 3 roverites were in another part of the balkans working as mercenarys.

Christ is this right? I can remember a little article in a Sunday Rag about British hooligans being recruited to fight in Yugoslavia, Rovers and Chelsea got a mention. I just thought it was typical journo lies. It was something about a militia group called White Wolves.

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No mr fireplace frll asleep at the hotel and walked in the game after injury time started, now a guy who fell asleep for 90 mins was a certian mr pittard legia away.

No the said mercenaries were ex forces.i have a picture only I dont know how to post it.

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