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[Archived] Overseas Fans

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We'll finish safely in midtable but about 30 points off 6th. It will be held up as a good standing for a small stable club held back by the FFP. Strange we don't finish top with all the Indian publicity we receive :)

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Entered. We now sit a stable 9th with 417 Fans.

Shebby Singh's certainly failed miserably in his role as Global ShitForBrains at BRFC.

In the regions where he was actually known his influence shows.........India 11, Thailand 2, Malaysia 2, Indonesia 3....................

Perhaps Mrs D can persuade her staff in India to enter to bump our figures or at least overtake Luton who are currently 7th on 592.

The good news is that the Dingles currently sit in 50th position (out of 72) with just 61 fans or 732 fingers ............

The very bad news is that Leeds and the Sheffields are the top 3 - so they are big clubs?

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The likes of Leeds & Sheffield are huge places and they'll have far flung exiles all over the world no doubt. Fair enough that they probably come out on top in these kind of things. Their fans will dress it up as something else though :huh:

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1,149 and still in ninth place, I'm blaming it on Jason Lowe

Former season ticket holder now in Dubai.

I got to see a few Rovers games this year, they normally have at least one on at 3pm and any sky game. They also show the Scottish Championship, well Rangers mostly.

Some great pundits on the TV over here including our own Michel Salgado who I met the other week at his soccer school, but I do have to put up with Keys and Gray, and a few other dullites like Glenda Hoddle.

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Now down to 13th with 1250, Rovers only top one country - India ! with 40 fans,and joint top in Uruguay with 3 , 2nd in Norway with 190 (Leeds top with 1039 in Norway and seem to be topping most countries) . Lots of Notts County supporters in Indonesia and Italy , and Newport county leading the way in Germany!

Link below once you scroll down you can hover over each country on the map it shows top 3.


Wouldn't be surprised if this is part of the FL info gathering as overseas tv rights are open for bidding next year I think.No doubt will be used to justify Leeds being on the tele nearly every bloody week

Using this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_English_football_club_owners and the above link (granted it is only a small sample and not sure how up to date the owners links are) there does not seen to be a link between nationality of owners to popularity of team in that country (India but very small numbers and Egypt (Premier League exposure ?) the exception at present, ) .

Only decided to look at this angle as Derby have a lot of supporters in Thailand, nothing to do with the owner ,must be lure of ladyboys

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There is something very odd about the Derby vote here imo, way over double what Sheff Wed have in 2nd place, don't think so.

I've never seen a local with a Derby shirt here in years but still see Rovers.

Maybe 1 fan with many email a/c's etc etc.............a bit like Dingles

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