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[Archived] Derby Away 24.09.2016

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Sounds like it's not just results based. Pearson has a well-earned reputation for being a nasty piece of work, much like Roy Keane I think he'll struggle to get work as a first team manager if he's sacked now.

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Nigel Pearson suspended from his job, looks like he's about to be sacked.

Just seen this.

For it to happen once, well football's a volatile place, but twice? That's got to set alarm bells ringing,

Mind you I think there is something deeply wrong at Derby as despite spending shed loads and oozing quality throughout the squad they can't get promoted. And a range of managers have all failed there - top coaches like Clements, Redknapp in an advisory role, Pearson who got Leicester promoted, Stevie M who'd had some success as a manager - for such a range to fail, I'm beginning to wonder what's going on behind the scenes. Whatever it is throwing in the volatile Pearson hasn't helped at all.

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