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[Archived] Shearer And Sutton On Motd

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Shearer And Sutton - 'We could still do some damage'.



Stole my thunder :P

Will be a good watch now. Sutton doesn't pussy around with his opinions and his stance, even if somewhat obtuse and theatrical at times, is much needed and should be enjoyed against a backdrop of beiges.

On a side note, be nice to have an evening without Jermaine Jenus popping up.

He's everywhere. 5 live, BT studio, BT comms, BBC Motd, PL show.

I thought he had potential when he started, but I need a break from him.

Overkill in the extreme

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Nice to see some top footballers who have won something commenting, instead of 'out for a few weeks' Jermaine Jenas and the irony of Danny 'look at that midfielder not tracking back' Murphy, both of whom have nothing interesting whatsoever to say.

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