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[Archived] Podcasts (not the BRFCS ones)

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I now have a fairly long commute and I normally get through the weeks work-related (info sec) podcasts by Wednesday, so I'm interested to know what other people's favourite podcasts are.

Currently 'No Such Thing as a Fish' ) from the QI research team) and 'Kermode and Mayo's Film Reviews' (aka wittertainment) are top of my list, but what do you listen to? 

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BBC 5 Live Sport Specials

Ringside Toe2Toe

The Football Ramble

Flintoff, Savage & The Ping Pong Guy

Went through a stage of only listening to TedTalks and Stuff You Should Know but quickly became a walking fact machine so stopped myself.

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I've been listening to a couple of episodes from Note to Self. The recent episode called Spring Cleaning for the Mind gave me inspiration to manage and schedule my weekly work. Worked brilliantly for me so far. I think it's mostly geared towards techies and designers.

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Good thread.

So I just took a look - number 67 in the I-Charts. "Quickly Kevin, will he score". Josh Widdicombe talks 90s football. And there lo and behold S01E06 Ian Pearce! Talking about, well you know what he'll be talking about. I've just downloaded it along with a few others. That's tomorrow's commute sorted then!

Mate of mine gets the Joe Rogan podcasts. Always entertaining and off the wall.

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