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  1. Bloody love Big Joe Tried - Little Dragon Bad Bad Not Good
  2. Alan Parsons Project - Wouldn't Want to be Like You
  3. I'd been in my old job for 23 years and was getting totally fed up with it. I'd just started to look for another job when they announced they were looking for voluntary redundancies. I managed to get 4.25 weeks per year redundancy pay, took a month off and walked straight onto another job. Now only working 30 hours a week and enjoy the new job much more than the old one. Happy days
  4. Curtis Mayfield - Here But I'm Gone As much as I love Curtis Mayfield I find his falsetto voice can start to grate after a while. Anyway, this is one of his non-falsetto tunes, and one of my personal favs.
  5. Can't help but feel Utd are gonna do a "City" here and mess it up (fingers crossed)
  6. Roy Ayers - Running Away Bloody love this track
  7. Aretha Franklyn - It only Happens When I Think of You Perfect music to sit in the garden to, complaining about it being too hot
  8. Absolutely ruined Danger Mouse for me
  9. Happy Mondays - Loose Fit Played the album (Thrills Pills and Bellyaches) to death over the summer of '91 Every weekend seemed to be a haze of music, dancing and lots of fun The Mondays were never too great tbh, usually started coming to about Wednesday ?
  10. Raya did well for Brentford then, commanded his area and great distribution. !-0 Brentford
  11. Kutiman - I Just Want to Make Love to You from one of my fav albums from 2007, funky Israeli shizz Also does stuff like this.
  12. Yes and Yes. Not quite as good as the reviews suggest but still very good.
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