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[Archived] Evidently Chicken Town

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This was written in the main last summer, It's been changed a bit. It's a complete rip off of course so massive thanks and apologies to the genius that is John Cooper Clarke.

It won't lighten the mood.

If you're not familiar, or even if you are, please see the Youtube vid below, from 27 seconds...



BRFCS alternative:


The bloody stewards were bloody keen

To bloody mind that bloody Kean

The bloody directors are bloody swine

They always toe the “company” line

It’s all bloody sales, no buying names

“The bloody fans” they bloody blames

“Nowhere to be bloody found”

At the “confused” Chicken Town


The bloody scene is bloody sad

The bloody news is bloody bad

The bloody squad is bloody thin

The bloody FD “it’s bloody grim”

“Those bloody folks are bloody daft”

Don't make me bloody laugh

It bloody hurts to look around

At Venky’s Chicken Town


The bloody cavalry are bloody late…

You bloody wait, you bloody wait…

You're bloody lost and bloody found

Stuck with the Rao’s Chicken Town


The bloody view is bloody vile

The Agents should be on bloody trial

The bloody fans bloody cry

“The bloody club’s a bloody lie!”

The bloody “owners” don’t give a flying cluck

“The bloody fans are just bloody muck”

Why do Venky’s still stick around?

At their broken Chicken Town


The bloody pubs are bloody dull

This bloody club! This ain’t a “lull”

“There’s bloody cameras in t’Riverside!?”

It’s the bloody vanity I can’t abide

It's a bloody waste of people’s wages

Be better off building bloody cages

To keep in the watching dozens

So Venky’s can impress their watching cousins

Most said that we’d go down

The “owners” useless Chicken Town


The local media are a total loss

The difficult questions have been bloody tossed

The bloody debts are bloody massive

The Football League sits bloody passive

The bloody “owners” don’t bloody care

This bloody “project’s” not all bloody there

Seven years of bloody trepidation

What time is bloody liquidation?

It bloody gets you bloody down

It’s Venky’s pathetic Chicken Town


The bloody end, is bloody late….


You bloody wait,


You bloody wait….


You're bloody lost and bloody found….


In the Venky’s rotten Chicken Town.



#venkysout #selltheclub

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This is great. I love Jonny Clarke..and this song has been crying out for re-interpretation!.

Why don't you come and have a go at it yourself. I can easily fix it with same guy who did "Snowball" for me. We can help you all you want,

It would be a laugh...trust me...therapeutic too...

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I am lost i don't even know what is the next step for us now...Venky's need to go but who can come in? Who can rebuild this club and trust me it will take a hell of a lot of finance to do it. But as of right now I can't see a light at the end of the tunnel. 

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10 hours ago, Miller11 said:

Can't go wrong with a bit of Johnny Clarke... back in the studio Len!

I'll tell you now and I'll tell you firmly...

He used to tell a Burnley joke, which was very funny. Needs the Manc accent to do it justice. Won't work written down. It begins.

"This couple from Biiiirnley got married and they had a posh wedding do in Clitheroooow..."

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