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[Archived] Pitch Perfect

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Annoyingly my Dingle missus was mocking the state of our pitch - something about chickens being let on the pitch...  (She is still annoyed that I convinced her Gran there were no roofs at Turf Moor and two ends were rubble for which parents had to sign a consent form to allow their children to watch the match from.)

However does she have a point?  I always remember us having one of the best pitches?  Is it just the weather and all pitches have struggled this year?

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This comes up this time every year but a major part of it will be the wetter than wet winters we regularly seem to be having but also since these lot 'pitched' up it gets reseeded nearly every summer I think rather than relayed with turf once every few seasons as in the past.

All about pinching a few pennies you know cheaper is better in certain eyes the evidence has been on the pitch in more ways than one until this season !

Wonder how much of a hole in that 120 million a real new surface would have been ?    Not much !

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