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13 minutes ago, SanDimas1988 said:

I just wanted to send a huge shoutout to DeeCee. I have a rather nice collection of Blackburn stuff, but was missing the 100 Greatest Goals DVD (lost it during a move years ago). They offered it up for free, including shipping to the US, and all they asked was I donate to a charity instead. Classy stuff, and it has a good forever home. 

(If anyone cares, the white things with no spines are 4,000 Holes issues I’ve found. The other one is Turnstiles, a fantastic fanzine. And All the Rage is about my hometown club in NY)


As a goodwill gesture you can digitise everything and send @Herbie6590a copy for our YouTube!

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19 hours ago, J*B said:

As a goodwill gesture you can digitise everything and send @Herbie6590a copy for our YouTube!

Your Account (archive.org)



Way ahead of you.  I recently received 8 tapes in the mail and haven't gotten to them yet, but this should be the rest of my collection, including the audio tape.  Shearer on Shearer is all messed up (listenable, but annoying to watch), and one of the old season reviews the video cuts in and out for about 8 minutes (but the audio is fine during it), but everything else is there and watchable.  Having to convert PAL to NTSC I'll lose a few seconds per video, but all the others should pretty much be fine.

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