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  1. Me too. I am a longtime iFollow user from outside the UK. Very disappointing and poor
  2. andyh

    Luton Town home

    Video but no audio on iFollow in the US. Are others having the same issue?
  3. andyh

    Rovers v Charlton

    I'm seeing good video but no commentary on iFollow. Are others having the same problem?
  4. andyh

    ROVERS v Boro

    no ESPN+ stream in USA but iFollow working fine
  5. andyh

    iFollow Thread

    Husky - yes, I see these numbers from time to time also, and I did see them during the QPR game just like your screenshot.
  6. andyh

    iFollow Thread

    You can watch in the US tomorrow on ESPN+. $5/month
  7. andyh

    iFollow Thread

    Video only plus crowd audio on iFollow for me in the US - no radio rovers commentary available.
  8. andyh

    iFollow Thread

    I watched from the US. Quality was great. Rovers commentary was at a good volume and in sync. Slo-mo replays. Good camera angles. There has been previously been plenty to complain about from iFollow but not today. Lets hope it continues like this.
  9. andyh

    iFollow Thread

    You can access ESPN + from the regular ESPN app on your phone...there is also an appletv app. You can also access directly from your computer browser via the ESPN home page. Either way however you will need to set up an account, but the 30 day free offer continues (conveniently) until Thursday. It is US only.
  10. andyh

    iFollow Thread

    Rovers v Peterborough game next Thursday is being shown live in the US on their new ESPN+ online channel. It is $4.99/month but appears to be free for 30 days. For info, a replay of the full Shrewsbury game from tonight is also available online right now.
  11. andyh

    iFollow Thread

    video came on for me after about 75 mins.
  12. andyh

    iFollow Thread

    I am having the same problem. I am in the US and have the proper subscription. Some days it works and some days it doesn't - service is simply terrible.
  13. andyh

    iFollow Thread

    Still not clear why video didn't work on my iPhone, but looking at location settings it see that the iFollow app doesn't show up. I can't figure out why it isn't there or how to allow it to access my location, but I suspect that is the cause of the problem
  14. andyh

    iFollow Thread

    I have got video working. I use Safari on my mac. There was a software update this week that I suspect may have changed settings. I had to go to 'preferences' then 'websites' then 'location' and then click the radio button to allow the rovers website to access location.
  15. andyh

    iFollow Thread

    Video link shows for me on my iPhone, but gives an error message saying 'Due to rights restrictions you cannot view the game from this location'. I am in the US. I agree with Phil T....very poor....it is either one problem or another every week.

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