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  1. dring1

    Charlton away April 28th

    I have booked train and you can get to London Bridge from the valley, from there to London euston
  2. dring1


    I go to every match home and away. Monday was mixed. Made some fantastic saves, but could also have cost us in the last 10 mins. But that is why he is in league one and as i have said signs are there for him to be a top class keeper
  3. dring1


    Think raya is going for a record of kicking it out of touch every game. His kicking on occasion is poor and needs work. That being said you can tell he will be a class keeper one day
  4. dring1


    Good job i held off getting train ticket for this as i did doncaster as well. If its a thursday night then its a no go. But friday to sunday will be no problem. Possibly staying over in london if its early saturday
  5. dring1

    Gillingham complaints.

    To be fair i think everything should be down to gillingham
  6. dring1

    Gillingham complaints.

    I got told of his pa he was in meetings all day today and would phone me at 5pm monday. Has he said anything about compensating fans who travelled independant. As that was part of my email as well as how the game was postponed. They can do it for independant coach travel so rovers could meet half way and pay value of coach travel
  7. dring1

    Gillingham complaints.

    I have had a personal phone call from Steve waggott yesterday but I just got home from work. He has read my emails and has promised to make a call Monday 5pm as he is in meetings all day tommorow. Going to be interesting
  8. dring1

    Gillingham complaints.

    I havnt posted in a while. I made the trip to gillingham and done every away game this season. I made the trip by train 9.35am to London Euston. I found out the match was cancelled as soon as I got into London at 11.40am. I found myself stuck in London till 7pm because they wanted £92 for a single ticket after already paying £52. I totally agree with you on this as how the club should go about it. I have mentioned this on main Facebook page and how I feel but got quite a bit of abuse of people
  9. dring1

    Transfer Window - January 2016

    Anyone with half a brain would realise that Paul lambert account isn't real as it was the same guy doing @iamgarybowyer but people have a laugh with him all the same
  10. dring1

    Transfer Window - January 2016

    Yes that's him. Not sure about the loan bit
  11. dring1

    Transfer Window - January 2016

    They are not skint. They used to be until a new chairman bailed them out and he has a few bob
  12. Just disgusted with the if you didnt turn go and support burnley comment. Sorry I had to work this morning and couldnt go after attending all home and away league games. Joke of a comment
  13. i chose not to go for the same reason many have said. I am a season ticket holder but will not put any extra money in while these idiots run the club into the ground. if people want to go to far cup games that's there business but as I have said I have been to all home and away league games and to say I'm not loyal is a joke
  14. so I miss one game home and away all season and I'm not loyal enough lol. what a muppet
  15. dring1

    Supporter Safety Put At Risk

    I saw smoke from the upper tier of the darwen end. thought it was a flair let of by the wigan fans obviously not.

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