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  1. WacoRover

    Swansea City home

    This game doesn’t matter?! Surely you jest, looking at your three selections. Tony has got to play our best 11, this is no time for experimentation. No Lenihan means Bennett starts, I bet. I would like to see JR-C. But I’m afraid with Derby & Bristol coming up, “pull a lineup out of a hat” options will happen, soon enough.
  2. WacoRover

    Stoke City home

    Yes, I am very disappointed in today’s result. We’ll get ‘em next time...have to get 3 vs. Swansea.
  3. WacoRover

    Stoke City home

    This Stoke team has so many guys that are bothersome- Powell, Clucas and Allen, Vokes on the bench...
  4. WacoRover

    Stoke City home

    I’m dreaming of a playoff place; but, trying to look no farther than Stoke is hard to do! Must win tonight. That’s as far as I will go!
  5. WacoRover

    Stoke City home

    We’re currently 4th at the Championship, with 50 goals. We’ve allowed 40, which ranks us 9th (tied with PNE). +10 in GD. Stoke has scored 43, tied for 16th, & allowed 53, tied for 19th. -10 in GD. True, they are in better form than before. But, Rovers are playing for something. They are playing to avoid something. If our lads can’t get up for this one, at home, I don’t know when we ever will. It will be hard-fought, tense, & at times doubtful, but, 2-1.
  6. WacoRover

    Stoke City home

    We’ve been in pretty good form, TM has made the most of his player personnel, and we got this one at home. Not to get ahead of the schedule, Stoke is the only one that matters right now. Rovers need a win. I agree with others who’ve said to be in playoff place, we must win tomorrow.
  7. Very happy with a point today, yes, it could have been three, but all in all, playing a good side on the road, I will take it. Benrahma & Watkins are quality. I will take Walton every day of the week over Raya, who is their Achilles heel, imo, good decision there. Tony is doing a good job, with the guys he has, I will give him that. We need to win our next, no excuses.
  8. I am excited about this game. Rovers have a lot to gain with a win, and it won’t be the end of the world if we don’t. Maybe one or two players return, and my hats off to ol’ Tony for getting the team through a rough time, injury-wise (again, I am cautious about his future; evaluate him the end of the season, but I’m glad he wasn’t kicked to the curb earlier). I’m thinking this is 1-1, and a hard-fought point. I love our defending of late. I think we knew scoring goals would be hard without Dacky & Holtby.
  9. WacoRover


    Rovers win on the road, and a packed house, against a team with their back to the wall. A lot of young guys played. All in all, a very satisfactory day.
  10. WacoRover


  11. WacoRover


    Today is a great opportunity for some younger guys to make a difference. It will be a packed out, loud ground. Exciting stuff, I can’t wait to see how the action unfolds today.
  12. WacoRover


    Do you support more than one club?Supporting the club always has its price, anywhere you live. If I lived in Lancashire, I would definitely have season tix, and I like to think I would travel to weekend away fixtures.
  13. WacoRover


    As a Texan, I think EFL is a bargain. I can’t see the Texas Longhorns for $40, or the Dallas Cowboys. Crowds are 90,000+, as well. The wife & I saw Reading/Blackburn on our trip in September, it was only £25/ea. I don’t count travel, food, etc, or I would likely not leave the house. I sometimes wish I could live in Texas 6 mo’s, England 6 mo’s. Get out, live a little!
  14. WacoRover


    I always enjoy your previews & reviews. Good work, thanks!

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