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  1. I must admit that I like Mowbray. I would never question his honesty nor his integrity. I believe history will judge him kindly in terms of his contribution to the club. I think he is a genuinely decent bloke who has done many good things at this club. He reminds me very much of Bob Saxton. However, like all managers there comes a point when your race is run at a club and if his race isn't quite run he is certainly well into the final furlong. Yesterday was another shocking performance for 75 minutes and then the players decided to stir themselves and rescue a point. Wh
  2. The telling line in that article for me was " I probably haven't got a best XI, that depends on the opposition." The managers who I've enjoyed the most - and invariably been the most successful - Jack Marshall, Gordon Lee, Howard Kendall, Kenny Dalglish and Graeme Souness had this strange habit of picking their strongest team week in and week out irrespective of the opposition.
  3. Personally, I think this will turn out to be a 1960 watershed moment in terms of following Rovers. For me there are two big 'unknowns' that have little to do with Venkys, Waggott or Mowbray. Firstly, how many of the 'hardcore' supporters have now broken the habit of attending matches on a regular basis and will simply 'pick and chose' which matches to watch. I don't think the club have really grasped in the last twelve months that they are down to the hardcore and that the casual supporter has long since disappeared. Everytime they do something that makes some of that group walk away
  4. 2009 is the last edition of the Complete Record.
  5. Thanks Stuart. I read the forums but have taken a break from posting. I watch the games on i-follow but, to be honest, I've lost much of my enthusiasm for the game in general over the past nine months. I don't think football in general has covered itself in glory during this pandemic. Greed, as always, has come to the fore whilst the loyalty of supporters continues to be exploited. On the subject of analysts, I first came across their involvement when Mark Hughes was manager although I suspect it went on before. I remember being near the dressing room area in Finland at half-time in
  6. I think you'll find that Rachel Hindle is the first team analyst not Damien Johnson. The team of analysts are at every game - home and away - and producing the stats via their computer programmes for half-time team talks as well as full-time.
  7. I think if that happened that would finish me with football for good. One thing the past nine months has shown is that football - even Blackburn Rovers - isn't all that important compared with the really important things in life.
  8. Agree with this. I renewed my season ticket but because of my age I don't plan on returning to a football ground until the vaccine has been rolled out.
  9. I must admit that I do have some sympathy with regard to the injury situation. I think it's a result of so many games in such a short space of time and can understand why the likes of Pep etc wanted the extra substitutes rule to stay for this season. I suspect we will have any number of players from all clubs going down with muscle injuries throughout the season. Add that the whole business of self-isolating and I suspect we are going to see numerous make-shift sides selected. Where I do agree with you is the point about our non-striking strikers. Gallagher and Brereton have cost a hu
  10. In view of the players available this was not a bad result. I thought the young 'keeper did well all things considered. I thought we were better once Evans came on in midfield but without Armstrong there is no cutting edge. Neither Brereton or Gallagher look like goalscorers which puts a huge amount of pressure on Armstrong. Elliott looks the real deal but Dolan needs to play a bit in the Under-23's for me. Listening to Mowbray after the game I'm amazed that we haven't got more players in self isolation with so many of the backroom staff having to self isolate. Hopefully, we'll get m
  11. Sensible move by Mowbray under the circumstances. This season is going to see far more players ruled out by injury because of the congested fixture programme. Add the problems with Covid-19 and the isolating issues and I don't think you can have enough players to be honest. I thought Downing did a decent job last season and his versatility will be extremely valuable this season.
  12. That was the horse and cart vendor wasn't it? Remember it well from the late fifties/early sixties around the Daisyfield area.
  13. They have kids who go to school and can come into contact with it and bring it home. They or their wife will take the children to school. This is going to happen throughout the season and will impact every club.
  14. It was heartbreaking to see the damage that he has done to Labour. He never grasped that to change society for the better you need to be in power and that means appealing to a broad spectrum of people. Personally, glad to see the back of him and pleased Starmer has taken the action he has.
  15. The family in India will make the appointment and you actually think they will pluck some rising star from Europe or further afield? The appointment will come from whichever agent is in favour at that particular time. The owners won't have a clue if that appointment is an improvement on the present manager or not.
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