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  1. Looks a decent appointment by Sheffield Wednesday. Even if he can't keep them up this season - and it looks a tough ask - he looks the right man to take them back up should they get relegated. Notice Lambert has left Ipswich. Not really surprising in view of the failure to get back into the Championship. Once again his vision and that of the owners were apparently different. It will be interesting to see where he turns up next. It's been several years since he last achieved anything as a manager but, as we know only too well, that doesn't seem to matter these days at some clubs.
  2. That's the model that Brentford follow with their 'Brentford B' setup. However, I had a quick look at how they operate pre-Covid and their 'B' team was involved in friendly matches right across Europe. Here they played friendlies against a mixture of League and Non-League clubs and some of the larger Scottish clubs. However, they were visiting Europe two or three times a month to play friendly fixtures. Somehow, I can't see Rovers wanting to go to that expense. Brentford also look at players released from other London academies and pick up foreign players because of their excellent sc
  3. The reason they say these things Joe is because none of them were here 30 years ago to know what went on. But when Dalglish arrived we certainly weren't training at Brockhall. Jack persuaded Kenny and Ray that he would build excellent facilities for them. Which he did. The present academy was actually the first team training ground and that was built first. What is now the Senior Training ground was originally the Academy and that was built later as Jack wanted a state of the art Academy set up. It was Mark Hughes who swapped them around. Whilst I wouldn't expect you to know this, b
  4. The bottom line is that he was poor. Caught badly out of position on the second and stood off and allowed the player to shoot for the first. Neither Harwood-Bellis nor Branthwaite look convincing at this level at the moment. We are allowing them to learn their trade to improve City and Everton - although one can't see either one making much impact at those clubs. Having supported this club for 60 years I'm appalled that we seem happy to be a nursery club for the big city clubs. Meanwhile players who we have invested time and effort in to develop - like Raya, like Nyambe - are allowed
  5. Well the lad from City proved last night that he was hopeless as a wing-back and had a part in both of Barnsley's goals. I somehow doubt that Mowbray will publicly have a go at him. Same with the centre-half who looks increasingly out of his depth in terms of decision making at this level.
  6. That's why he's likely to be playing in the Premier League next season whilst we continue on the road to nowhere. I assume you have deleted the twelve months watching Walton's error strewn performances from your memory.
  7. Mowbray is doing to Nyambe exactly what he did to Raya. I suspect Nyambe is totally fed up with the way he has been treated and has indicated that the new contract will be left unsigned - hence Mowbray now scapegoating him. I've supported Mowbray throughout his time at the club but, rather like Bob Saxton who did a similar job in the 1980s, there comes a point when you reach the end of the road at any club. I believe he's done a decent job but is not going to take us any further and my worry is that we become a nursery club for Premier League clubs.
  8. Please tell me who these 6 right backs are that are better than Nyambe and are within our budget? Remember we have spent a number of years developing this lad in our academy at some expense. If he leaves - and I have no doubt that he will leave and probably this summer - that money is wasted. Mowbray threw him under the bus on Friday when he knew that the kid he has brought on loan Everton was badly out of position and whose judgement was shocking from start to finish. Lenihan too was caught out. No wonder the goalkeeper decided he'd better start playing centre-back himself with the w
  9. Nyambe is probably the best defensive prospect that we have at the club. He ought to be our right-back for the next 5 or 6 years or more. He has all the attributes needed for that position but, sadly, I suspect he will be allowed to drift away from the club. Meanwhile we give minutes to a lad from City, who is certainly far inferior to Nyambe, but it will help Pep develop the player for the future. And we wonder why supporters are turning their back on what is becoming a nursery club for the Premier League!
  10. They put out a weak side and I suspect are only too happy to get out of the competition. It's a sad state that football has got itself into when Premier League money is far more important than the FA Cup to the majority of Premier League sides. Sadly, the cups are just not that important to clubs anymore.
  11. I must admit that I've reached the point as to seriously question the value of paying even a tenner to watch Rovers at the moment. Like arbitro, I hadn't got a clue as to what formation we were playing or what role the players had. The substitutions - particularly replacing Nyambe with the kid from City - were mystifying at times. The Nyambe substitution really irritated me. Here we have a really good prospect who should be our right-back for years to come. A lad who has all the qualities required to play that position in the modern game and yet in the summer I feel sure he will
  12. I think the plan is to cover home games at Leyland and stream them live.
  13. A good win but a huge slice of luck with regard to the Branthwaite incident. It should have been a penalty and a red card for dangerous play for me. But, having said that, we've had numerous decisions go against us in the past. Bottom line is the standard of refereeing in the EFL is appalling at times. Our goal was well worked and fair play to Mowbray, the substitutions he made afterwards ensured we controlled the game from that point on. I thought both sides looked pretty average to be honest. The fact that both are being talked about as potential play-off candidates illustrate
  14. I must admit that I like Mowbray. I would never question his honesty nor his integrity. I believe history will judge him kindly in terms of his contribution to the club. I think he is a genuinely decent bloke who has done many good things at this club. He reminds me very much of Bob Saxton. However, like all managers there comes a point when your race is run at a club and if his race isn't quite run he is certainly well into the final furlong. Yesterday was another shocking performance for 75 minutes and then the players decided to stir themselves and rescue a point. Wh
  15. The telling line in that article for me was " I probably haven't got a best XI, that depends on the opposition." The managers who I've enjoyed the most - and invariably been the most successful - Jack Marshall, Gordon Lee, Howard Kendall, Kenny Dalglish and Graeme Souness had this strange habit of picking their strongest team week in and week out irrespective of the opposition.
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