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  1. capybara

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Didn't catch it, sorry. Will try if they show a replay later on.
  2. capybara

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Their second goal (without sound). 😞 SU2_0.mp4
  3. capybara

    Lewis Travis

    I could probably be deemed naive for trusting anything a footballer says, but I think I've seen most of, if not all the interviews with every player we've signed for the past couple of years, and I don't think anyone have been this forward about his dedication to the club. Certainly not anyone else currently in the squad. I've lost count of the number of times I've heard "This is a good place for me now / at this point in my career" etc., so I though Travis' passion was a real breath of fresh air. And it mirrors what we've seen on the pitch from him as well. World class or not, any display of - or even encouragement of loyalty should at least be greeted with thumbs up from fans imho.
  4. capybara

    Lewis Travis

    This made my day! Travis has commitment and inspiration written all over him. He told Neil Yardley that Rovers is the only football club he wants to play for. No wonder he's a fan-favourite! He's humble, driven and quite mature for his age too. A class act, and the kind of player you really want to succeed. Hopefully the hard work he puts in will pay off with even more playtime this season.
  5. capybara

    Stewart Downing

    That's true. And one assist in 39 appearances is indeed awful.
  6. capybara

    Stewart Downing

    Ah, okay. Thanks! Let's hope there's non of that in our contract.
  7. capybara

    Stewart Downing

    Blackburn Roverseas mentioned a rumour about a clause in his contract last year that kept Boro from starting him in more games, because that would have cost them a lot more.
  8. capybara

    Stewart Downing

    I thought the most interesting part of the interview was when they briefly talked about Mowbray's target for the team this season, which Downing said was "at least Playoffs".

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