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  1. Great picture .... but no commentary , just music ?
  2. Sorry, but there has been a problem signing you in. Please try again later. .....
  3. TonyM

    Reading (A)

    For me - a very good all round performance and a great result showing some real character and resilience towards the end. A few observations... Downing is a player of real ability - shame he isn't a few years younger, but still seems to have the legs to keep going. Excellent. Holtby looked a bit rough, but showed enough in a couple of touches and passes to see he is a very talented player. How he can be fitted in to the team will be the issue to solve for the next few weeks. Gallagher played like a proper centre forward, real energy and strength and won great headers - but someone needs to be much closer to him to make his hard work pay. At the moment, Armstrong has obviously been told to stay out wide, and Dack is usually too far away to take advantage. That distance works with Graham, because he tends to chest down the long ball, control it and play it back/or lay it off, but Gallagher plays differently and flicks the ball on forwards or sideways with his head and too often no-one is there for him. Evans worked hard, but tailed off and needed to be subbed. When Johnson came on, it was noticeable how much he was pointing, shouting and directing those around him which was really needed as Reading were coming back at us quite strongly then.. Should really be captain, if he had the legs to play in every game. Travis didn't have a great game - worked hard, but seemed a bit reluctant to really drive forward for some reason, and played too many sideways/backwards passes, some of which went astray. He can be much better than yesterday. Probably tempting fate, but for the first time in a very long time (years) I think we have the makings of a very promising & exciting team being put together.
  4. TonyM

    Raya joins Brentford

    I have a friend who is Brentford fan/season ticket holder - they are more than happy with Raya so far, and think he is an excellent signing.
  5. TonyM

    West Brom Away

    well we started well .....
  6. TonyM

    Fulham Away

    Craven Cottage is being redeveloped this season - so their Riverside stand is closed - will be a three sided crowd, but pretty much a sell out I expect.
  7. TonyM

    Fulham Away

    If coming by train - the Circle & District lines have closures this weekend which will affect your route down to Fulham Details
  8. TonyM

    Fulham Away

    Going to this one with my two sons .... used to live very close to Craven Cottage so it's a favourite ground to visit. Hoping we may scrape a draw, but not much more chance than that I fear.
  9. TonyM

    Greatest player for a Lancashire club.

    Another vote for Finney - my dad always said he was the best player he ever saw.
  10. TonyM

    Bolton at home.

    Very disappointing to see no option to watch the game on iFollow
  11. TonyM

    Rovers away at QPR - Good Friday 19th April 2019

    Going to this one today with my son - our attendance at away fixtures usually means a grim defeat ( other than in our League One season) , but here's hoping !
  12. My dad always said that Finney was easily the best player he ever saw in his time watching Rovers from the late 1930s-2000s

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