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  1. RibbleValleyRover

    Mowbray’s Future

    If he wants to stay I think they should keep him. It was a massive task and he gave us a real fighting chance.
  2. RibbleValleyRover

    Mowbray’s Future

    Results should matter most not the style especially when you are fighting relegation. Don't care if the goals go off someone's backside into the net after a goaline scuffle as long as they get the three points.
  3. RibbleValleyRover

    Mowbray’s Future

    Gone the proven route once again (experience of promotion) after some inexperienced appointments and that still exactly worked out... Good luck to him, he is going to need it.
  4. RibbleValleyRover

    Boxing Megathread

    GGG's chin must be made of granite, he deliberately puts himself in harms way at times because he knows he can take it but then it also opens opportunities for him to use his ridiculous power. No wonder hardly anyone in the division wants to face him.
  5. RibbleValleyRover

    Movie Discussion

    Saw Jason Bourne last night, really enjoyed it and I probably was always going to as I am a huge Bourne fan. It probably doesn't hit the heights of the previous trilogy but that was always going to be difficult as that trilogy is just so good and not many action films hit the heights that those three did. Still I thought as an action film, one where you just sit back and be entertained it was very good. Criticisms seem to be about Bourne not saying much, have these people never seen Bourne films before? If you are a fan of the Bourne films it's worth watching.
  6. RibbleValleyRover

    Boxing Megathread

    One of the greatest boxers of all time during what what was considered by many to be the golden era of heavyweight boxing but he was much more than that. He became a true icon especially culturally during the turbulent times of civil rights in America in the 60's and the Vietnam war years (which robbed him three years of his boxing prime).
  7. RibbleValleyRover

    [Archived] News Article -> Coyle Interview

    You can't take them seriously as all managers come out with the same sort of spiel during their first interviews. Results on the pitch are most important.
  8. RibbleValleyRover


    Yep, I personally think it's way better than the film version.
  9. RibbleValleyRover


    Gomorrah on Sky Atlantic is bloody (pun intended) good. A series about the bloody struggle in Naples between the various factions in the Camorra. Almost at the end of Season 2 but worth catching up on if you don't mind subtitles and are interested in mafia type programmes.
  10. RibbleValleyRover

    New Games/General Gaming

    Loving Doom so far, haven't played the multi (which I've heard aint that great) yet but the single player is really good, Doing a level a night which feels like a good pace to play it at. Also getting into Elite Dangerous a bit on the Xbox One, recent ai buff has caused some controversy in the community though. Blood and Wine the final DLC for the Witcher 3 is out, will be downloading that at some point soon. Might start a whole new play-through first, man it's a fantastic game.
  11. It's bizarre, problem is some fans actually agree with this mentality.
  12. RibbleValleyRover


    House Speaker Paul Ryan has just said he can't endorse Trump right now...
  13. RibbleValleyRover


    Who he picks as his running mate will be interesting and will say a lot about how much the GOP hierarchy is willing to back him. Is it true tonight he is going to reveal who that is going to be? I think it would be dangerous to completely rule him out but it would take amazing set of circumstances to go all his way to pull it off. Clinton is going to have to have a spectacular meltdown or incident for it to happen. I know we have the email scandal/investigation but if it was a big enough smoking gun it surely would have happened by now.
  14. RibbleValleyRover


    Then the American people will deserve what they get. I haven't seen anything that suggests Trump is going to be anything other than a car crash of a President. Even if he does a Bush and surrounds himself with highly talented people he's going to make Bush become revered with his antics.
  15. RibbleValleyRover


    My money would be on Clinton still. I think some of the republican base won't vote for Trump and would rather have four years of Clinton than Trump so they can rebuild and try again in four years time. I would also put money on Trump coming out with something highly controversial in a debate towards Clinton, probably something highly sexist or seen as bullying that drives women voters to Clinton. Clinton does have a problem with women voters but it's not as bad as Trump's problem with that demographic. If Trump gets in he will IMO be a one term President and will go down as a one of the worst.

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