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  1. RibbleValleyRover

    Mowbray’s Future

    If he wants to stay I think they should keep him. It was a massive task and he gave us a real fighting chance.
  2. RibbleValleyRover

    Mowbray’s Future

    Results should matter most not the style especially when you are fighting relegation. Don't care if the goals go off someone's backside into the net after a goaline scuffle as long as they get the three points.
  3. RibbleValleyRover

    Mowbray’s Future

    Gone the proven route once again (experience of promotion) after some inexperienced appointments and that still exactly worked out... Good luck to him, he is going to need it.
  4. The Lib dems seem to be making a bit of a bounce back in council and local elections, it's what they need to do and then build from there. But this call fora second EU Ref they need to drop, the public have spoken. Barring a complete meltdown by this government Labour will probably be out of power for decades but then who knows what they will look like once Corbyn has done his damage and moved on.
  5. RibbleValleyRover

    Boxing Megathread

    GGG's chin must be made of granite, he deliberately puts himself in harms way at times because he knows he can take it but then it also opens opportunities for him to use his ridiculous power. No wonder hardly anyone in the division wants to face him.
  6. RibbleValleyRover

    [Archived] Cardiff Away

    It doesn't help that 'so called fans', I call them something else entirely (and thank goodness there is a profanity ban on here) are abusing his son on social media. In terms of the game it was an awful performance and result and in this game we shot ourselves in the foot with such an inept display and key errors. Coyle has to sort it out and quickly.
  7. RibbleValleyRover

    [Archived] Cardiff Away

    2 own goals? WTF
  8. RibbleValleyRover

    [Archived] Rovers Vs Mansfield Efl Cup

    Put out your strongest possible team, no excuses for putting out a weak team one game into a season.
  9. RibbleValleyRover

    [Archived] Rovers V Norwich City

    The Premier League clubs that came down to the Championship are expected to go up for a reason, they have that parachute money and still have some Premier League class players. Let's see how Rovers fare against teams we should be looking to beat first, if we start getting thrashed by them then is the time to worry. I think there is too much over reaction here and that's largely pent up feelings about the managerial appointment still.
  10. RibbleValleyRover

    [Archived] Rovers V Norwich City

    Awful result but it's played one lost one, still a lot of the season obviously left. If we lose the next 9 then I will be more concerned.
  11. RibbleValleyRover

    Movie Discussion

    Saw Jason Bourne last night, really enjoyed it and I probably was always going to as I am a huge Bourne fan. It probably doesn't hit the heights of the previous trilogy but that was always going to be difficult as that trilogy is just so good and not many action films hit the heights that those three did. Still I thought as an action film, one where you just sit back and be entertained it was very good. Criticisms seem to be about Bourne not saying much, have these people never seen Bourne films before? If you are a fan of the Bourne films it's worth watching.
  12. Not yet, still indifferent. Rovers haven't played a league game yet or played enough where the league table indicates how good a job he is doing or not.
  13. I'm calling it now Baz, a honeytrap in Moscow ends Boris lol May is either being clever here and leaving the brexiteers to essentially sort out something of their creation or she could come out badly if they screw up and her judgement will then be called into question. Looking at her cabinet it seems more of a 'unite the party' selection rather than picking people based on skills but we shall see.
  14. Great news for the country! Labour to be out of power for decades as he completes his Marxist takeover with the help of his Momentum scum.
  15. I'm a tory voter but I do believe in the concept of having a strong and credible opposition to keep the governing party on its toes. If you don't then government becomes lazy and make more mistakes.

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