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  1. Has Danns displaced Dunn at Brum? There's a shocker ...
  2. Oh, is that why Benni wanted so badly to come to England? His da was in the Beatles?
  3. And now none of those three are at the club ... are hamstring injuries the new "I want a move!" statement? Oooh, conspiracy theories!
  4. Djorkaeff is back in training at Red Bull NY after Bruce Arena has officially taken over the team.
  5. Reggina is being charged with sporting fraud ... http://home.skysports.com/list.asp?hlid=40...+in+new+scandal
  6. But not all of their away games are in England - depending on the success/failure of the other teams.
  7. I think that some teams in Asian leagues play in other countries too. And what's happening with Andy Todd? Is he injured?
  8. I'm pretty sure that this was a shot he was trying to block with his head.
  9. Dead Wrong - Notorious BIG Only the best pump-up song ever. Parents might have a little problem with it, though.
  10. What about the goalkeeper and striker staying late at training to get in some extra practice together? Seems to happen quite a bit. No reason Lampard couldn't have stayed later and done some running, especially if he felt behind some of the other players fitness-wise. If everyone was at the same level and came in against Paraguay and realized they weren't actually that fit at all, I can understand it.
  11. I don't think Djourkaeff is really a Red Bull NY player anymore - he flew off to Germany during the world cup, got arrested, and hasn't been seen since.
  12. How does he expect to be England captain if he's behind John Terry at Chelsea?
  13. How can you say that McCarthy and Roberts are terrible? That just blows my mind! And Kuqi was not terrible! He got some very important goals last year after signing on a free - absolutely a good "buy."
  14. Blast that old curmudgeon who seems to actually know what he's talking about!
  15. Why does correctly picking a team for relegation give you points? Wouldn't it subtract them?
  16. DC United youngsters 4, Celtic first team 0
  17. Whatever happened to Fitzgerald, the young Irish center-back?
  18. Francis Jeffers yells a lot, or so it would seem.
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