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  1. Don't forget about Gallagher! Strikers are the least of our worries - we're set there and at goalkeeper. It's the positions between them that need strengthening.
  2. It's actually meta-meta-cynics, if you look at Jammy's post and bob's reply.
  3. If we're going to get any banner, the penalty one is the best.
  4. Blackpool_Rover, how can dePedro score when he's not even in your team? I'm going for 2-1 Rovers.
  5. Reid!!!! Will people stop thinking he is the answer to all our problems he is a nightmare. ... because my post really implies that. I'm saying that with a second right-sided player, the squad would not have its off-kilter and unbalanced look that it had on Saturday.
  6. For me, it has to be between Gennoe and Friedel. Gennoe was the keeper during the ascent during the top flight, and Brad has proven himself as a difference-maker in many games these past few years. I don't think there's any doubt that Brad Friedel is the best keeper to ever play for Rovers skill-wise, but whether he makes it into the Rovers all-time team over Gennoe and his 12 years of service is a tough call.
  7. With all of our players healthy, we would have seen a different starting lineup and formation to begin the game - with any one of Neill, Thompson, or Reid healthy we would have been able to put forward a right back and a right midfielder. Unfortunately, we could only manage one right-sided player, Emerton, who took on the right back role.
  8. Just because a team has more fans in a stadium for a given game doesn't mean that they're any more passionate. That's just who could secure the tickets for the game. The Portuguese were celebrating in the streets and at national monuments even though they lost. They celebrated the successes of their team, in spite of the fact that they didn't win it all. If that doesn't show true passion, I don't know what does. And have you ever been to a game with Mexico involved? I'd go as far to say that their fans are the most incredible in the entire world.
  9. Mexico. Portugal. Ecuador. Guatemala. Greece. Holland. All are at the level of English fans or surpass them in enthusiasm and support. And there are more.
  10. That's why the linesman called the goal back - he was in the proper position to actually see Terry's arm holding back Ricardo as he tried to go towards the ball. It could have gone either way (the decision and the match), and that's the way life is.
  11. Personally, I hope we rekindle our interest in Karyaka before we even take a glance at Lovenkrands.
  12. Out of those four matchups, I only favor Lampard over Makelele, and only just. England have no chance at all to win the tournament.
  13. I think Andy Todd did a great job for us this season, and without him we certainly would have gone down. He deserved the supporter's award he got, and I wish he were staying with us.
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