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  1. If you're actually interested: Designated Player Rule And yes, Beckham gets most of that announced money from owning the entirety of his image rights, sponsorship deals, and a cut of his jersey sales. Right now the NY Red Bulls have 3 designated player spots, for Juan Pablo Angel, Thierry Henry, and Rafa Marquez.
  2. The MLS doesn't pay all of the salaries - for the "superstar" players, the MLS only pays the first $350,000 or so of their salary, and the rest is picked up by the owners.
  3. http://soccernet.espn.go.com/players/stats?id=61885&cc=5901
  4. Normans were Vikings. They did become Christian in later years, though.
  5. I agree, he does deserve a chance, but Nonda and Benni are also in great form right now. Isn't it nice to have the problem of three good strikers pushing for 2 spots rather than looking for two fit strikers or someone to partner Bellamy?
  6. Thanks to TV and $$$, baseball, basketball, and football seasons have all been extended at least a month.
  7. And then on the contrary again, Nelsen was a defender just entering his prime - 29 is much older for a striker than a defender.
  8. Remember Babbel, Amo, and even Friedel knocking them in a couple seasons back.
  9. It was a fluke and the team is still playing very well recently.
  10. I don't think Hughes attended Stanford, but Ryan Nelsen graduated in 2001 with a degree in political science. Go Cardinal!
  11. That's hardly surprising, considering neither of them were playing professionally until after receiving college degrees.
  12. I'd like to see Burnley in the Prem too ... intense derbies are fantastic for the sport.
  13. I think it's very interesting that Emerton doesn't mention Neill among his best mates at Blackburn or for Australia.
  14. Ideally, Andrea Pirlo would be who we're looking for. Or his cheaper, less talented, Albanian cousin.
  15. I am a USSF certified referee, and the goal is onside by our interpretation, although I don't know about any FA-implemented "clarifications" that would take precedence (like "phases of play").
  16. Definitely Kevin Davies - so much money, no return, lost Beattie, and then Davies came good after he left.
  17. Well, after the performances Tugay and Savage put in against Salzburg, Dunn would walk into the team!
  18. It had to have been for Hendry's tackle. Because if not, it's just too unbearable. ps - Simon Garner has always been class.
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