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  1. Seems the obsession with foreign managers continues apace. Whilst its good for us it isn't great for upcoming English or British managers. That said perhaps some of them need to do what some of the younger players have done to get game time and go work in Europe? Though they now probably need to get to the PL as a manager before they would qualify for a visa so that road maybe largely closed to them.
  2. I believe Pace does have some MLS experience. From the outside it’s hard to see if anything has changed much, especially with COVID keeping us away. They talk a good game and if there’s one thing they’ve said that I like it is that they want to cut ties with the gambling sponsors when they can - they are Mormons so it’s very much a no no for them. But he seemed pragmatic about it and recognised they couldn’t just end the deal. Taking a lesson from your experiences, lots of people talk the talk, let’s see if they walk it now.
  3. So as far as I understand it they bought the club by putting up about 15 million, using 50 million the club had in the bank and borrowing the rest from Michael Dell at an eye watering interest rate. At least your owners, for all their faults, actually do have some serious money.
  4. So far the new owners have said all the right things - but we will really know if we see words become actions. So far I'd say the fans are content. Personally I am very very worried about the leveraged nature of the buyout. I don't know - it's been doing the rounds for a few years. I could certainly see it but equally he is well rewarded and has a lot of control at Burnley - as he himself said recently he is still a manger in that old sense of the word where he controls large parts of the club outside the playing staff. Not sure what the set up at Palace would be. They also have a habit of being quick on the trigger. Then again I can't see many others coming to call for him so he might view it as a step towards being more highly regarded.
  5. I wouldn't hold your breath A big summer ahead - who will we sell and how much money will be made available to replace and add under the new owners will be enlightening. Dyche is fabulous for us but even he will struggle without funds to rebuild a little - and that assumes he doesn't get an offer and leaves. So given that every season is difficult for us the next one, without squad investment, will be close to impossible. It was pretty simple - as a season ticket holder you went online and applied for the ballot. If you were successful (I was) you went back online, filled in a bit of a health survey and got sent a QR code as the ticket. All free (which is nice) with just a request you donate to an NHS charity.
  6. You mean you didn't enjoy seeing us secure our league status for another season in the Premier League? 😁 But yeah, all round poor performance by us - I'm going on Weds to watch us against Liverpool so hoping for a better display!
  7. It’s was bloody grand to be honest - proper days out back then without all the media focus and modern day sanitation of the game.
  8. 😂😂😂 Another year in the premier league coming up for us.
  9. Erm we play with 2 up front pretty much every week ...
  10. I know they’ve had a bad season but I think he should have been given a chance to bring them back up. I’ve seen Howe and Tindall close up. There were massive issues with them as a team, couldn’t set a defence to save their lives. I wouldn’t have swapped Wilder for either of them to be honest.
  11. 5 points in these last 3 games when I didn’t see us getting any. cracking shot from McNeil for the winner. You might have to wait another season to play us in the league.
  12. Pretty scary when you look at this: Town Population Status Club 2020-21 1 London 8,173,941 City Fulham 3 London 8,173,941 City Chelsea 4 London 8,173,941 City Tottenham Hotspur 5 London 8,173,941 City West Ham United 7 London 8,173,941 City Arsenal 8 London 8,173,941 City Crystal Palace 13 Birmingham 1,085,810 City Aston Villa 15 Liverpool 552,267 City Everton 16 Liverpool 552,267 City Liverpool 20 Sheffield 518,090 City Sheffield United 21 Manchester 510,746 City Manchester City 22 Manchester 510,746 City Manchester United 23 Leeds 474,632 City Leeds United 24 Leicester 443,760 City Leicester City 32 Newcastle 268,064 City Newcastle United 33 Wolverhampton 265,178 City Wolverhampton Wanderers 35 Southampton 253,651 City Southampton 38 Brighton and Hove 229,700 City Brighton & Hove Albion 75 West Bromwich 91,930 Town West Bromwich Albion 79 Burnley 81,548 Town Burnley And realise the size of the task as a town we face - 78 teams in areas with bigger populations than Burnley. Just 13 clubs in the 92 with a smaller population than Burnley
  13. Yes and no. If we lived in a world where the financial loss wasn't so devastating then yo yoing wouldn't be a bad thing. You come down, rebuild, go again. Have the excitement of the play offs even in les great seasons - this assumes not falling any further. I'd actually rather we used the position we are in to have a go in the cups and get the buzz out of some decent cup runs, that would offset the annual disappointment of our target merely being 17th or better. I'm not unrealistic, we can't compete financially with half the clubs in the championship let alone the PL so lets have a go where theres always a sniff of a chance, one off cup games.
  14. Worse things happen at sea and at times it was oddly fun to be honest, a lot less sterile than todays game.
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