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  1. No Nonda? No Todd? MGP in the middle? I'd go: Friedel - Neill, Todd, Zurab, Emerton - Peter, Savage, Tugay, Bentley - Nonda, McCarthy.
  2. That's actually 5 from the first 6, and 8 from the first 7.
  3. What I've seen says Zurab for the first and Neill for the second.
  4. Yes, and the next one where we finished 15th after that. It was our lack of goals that made us finish so low, not our defense. I don't care what you say ... player of the season in the Premiership two years in a row is an accomplishment.
  5. And became our player of the season after he came back?
  6. The same Andy Todd who had Henry in his back pocket last year?
  7. I don't see what the big deal is - everything is just a big overreaction.
  8. That should be "bracelets" and "armless" in your sig, btw.
  9. And with the TV3 logo on their sleeve, it looks like a slippery slope for Barça.
  10. Nothing I've read has mentioned money - whether there is any or not.
  11. 7 goals in the premiership last year, mostly from the bench, was a great return. We wouldn't be in Europe without him. But £2.5m was definitely a must-sell offer.
  12. Neil Danns on David Dunn: "I was at Blackburn when he was also there and I have always tried to take things from him. He is a great player who has proved himself and international class player and so I still look to him as he remains a class act." http://home.skysports.com/list.aspx?hlid=414244
  13. He looked solid and adventurous to me! And he made a few really nice tackles.
  14. I volunteer to take over the club once I hit $300 million.
  15. I don't think that a left back is a pressing concern. We have Gray and Neill, plus Taylor, Matteo, and McEvely as backups. I also think that a lot of people are underestimating Nonda (which is understandable, considering the underwhelming debuts of McCarthy and Roberts), but I would expect him to start alongside Benni and score quite a few goals. From unleaded's video, it doesn't look like his goals are the prettiest, but he can put the ball in the net when it counts.
  16. Transfer money in January helps you get that extra push rise up the league table - look at Portsmouth last year, among others. Personally, I don't really care how we do in Europe - a january signing would be helping us qualify for Europe for the 2007-2008 season. If we're struggling in the league, wouldn't you rather us sign someone to help take us up than nobody at all? There weren't midfielders out there who could definitely step in and help us. Petrov was going back to O'Neill, and for £8m. Malbranque stayed in London with Spurs and Fulham got Routledge on loan. We couldn't offer that. What other creative midfielders were on the market? Haestad is unproven. Plenty of wingers went, but we're doing okay in that department.
  17. Website says we have option to buy, which is good.
  18. And last year for Roma, his 4 goals were from 5 starts and 11 sub appearances. He also scored 2 in 5 European games.
  19. Was that while he was at Charlton? Because he only kicked Dugarry at Rovers and not in the face.
  20. He seems much more coherent than he ever did while posting here. Maybe he's matured a little.
  21. Zurab and Todd both had four yellows and a red card last season.
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