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  1. Any idea where rovers fans having pre-match pints tomorrow?
  2. Fleetwood tickets on general sale today but can only buy seating . Will standing be pay on the day?
  3. A lot of negativity on here. I’m quite relaxed about the whole thing. 2 good derby results and that should see us hit form and confidence at the right time for the play offs. If we don’t get at least 4 points from the two games then we don’t deserve the play offs (I didn’t expect play offs this season anyway) and we go one step further next season. I’m fully behind JDT. The people that aren’t…I’m not really sure what you expect 🙈
  4. Give it a rest ffs. He’s 18 years old. Don’t believe everything you hear about ‘his treatment’.
  5. Dumbass fans booing when Dack subbed off. Moronic. The substitution makes total sense in this situation. Embarrassing. Learn football you tools.
  6. I’m flying over with 3 Czech friends for the game. Can anyone recommend a decent pub pre-match which has the Liverpool or Blackpool game and preferably a decent pint? We get to Blackburn station around 12:15. thanks
  7. Mine too. Hope they sort it or I’ll have to but QPR sound on.
  8. Bit of a beer belly on him. That’s gonna go down now he’s entering the world of shite like Carling and fosters.
  9. I'm gonna get it. The price is fair and 6 matches is about right for the season. It also guarantees a Burnley ticket. My only worry is it doesn't say anything about where the tickets are going to be. Obviously it will be a different seat for each game but I hope they don't just stick us on row 1 of the riverside or something.
  10. Anyone heard what this ‘international Flexi’ season ticket is gonna be? They said more details to come on the official site but nothing yet.
  11. Yeah that’s an exception. I’m a teacher and that week is half term. Great that we are at home Saturday and Tuesday.
  12. Thanks for that 👍 I’ll definitely be going another game whether we drop off or not. It’s just midweek that’s an issue. I just bought 3 Prague to Manchester return flights for these 4 games at £30 return each. Flights for the Blackpool game currently about £70 so will wait for the next Ryanair flight sale 😃 I forgot about the package deals so you’re right I’ll give it another couple of weeks. Im thinking about play off tickets though and also Birmingham away (imagine if we can get automatic at St. Andrews on the last day) so a season ticket would help there. I haven’t had one since 08-09.
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