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  1. It was a cold night - I'm still amazed they managed to keep the game on. Good Night though!
  2. yea but where? unless they only allow it on the day? I cant find a link
  3. Anybody know if buy on the day is available? I'm not a s/t holder but want to watch on ifollow? (A walk on! - there doesn't seem to be any facility for that)
  4. Anyone know if anyone is running a coach tomorrow? don't trust my old ford and its a shit drive to Lincoln
  5. Can't understand why anyone is surprised! Senior was always going to do it on the cheap (and that's the key here) as somebody has already posted - anybody with any credibility or sense will have told Senior and train wreck Rovers to fook off
  6. Ironic and funny in equal measure Thanks for your reviews over the season - Great stuff
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