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  1. This article made sense to me: https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/opinion-blackburn-rovers-are-dangerously-close-to-making-same-mistake-that-could-have-cost-them-last-season/
  2. I didn't say I expected promotion, I said we never even threatened to make the play offs, a big difference
  3. For some ridiculous reason I always have this image that you look like Jason Mercier (professional poker player). I know, there are a lot of broken biscuits in my head.
  4. Why, we never even threatened the play offs, every season under him except League 1 promotion has closed with a whimper
  5. Any manager worth a toss would have got us promoted from League 1 with the squad and finances Mowbray had, since then it's been mediocre at best with last season being absolute dross. His failure to address key squad deficiencies, his poor management of younger players, his tactical ineptitude, his bizarre positioning of players and reliance on his past their sell by favourites and that's not including some of the pearls of wisdom that he's spewed out make him an absolute tragedy.
  6. Results and our league position make a compelling argument that way he wants to play doesn't work the way he set us up. Rovers are very thin on numbers and are likely to lose our only real goal threat in the next few weeks. So how are we likely to transform from the shambles of last season to being top 6 material? There's more chance of me dating a super model than Rovers making top 6 and I'm a retired ex squaddie that has a bald head and no fortune.
  7. This dishonourable shower of shite aren't leaving any time soon, despite all his protestations of not being a burden. If he can have the sort of relegation type runs he has had and constantly keep his job, then there is no chance of ridding ourselves of this poor, poor excuse for a manager. We are destined for repeated death spirals, confused and poor tactics, players out of position, shite man management and excuse after excuse from the so called leader, who's only remit is to feather his and Boro players nest. Mowbray is rapidly becoming Kean Mk 2, a massive steaming pile, incapable of speaking the truth, totally inept and with no moral compass.
  8. Rev it's the hope that kills you. Drink more, think less 😂
  9. I served 23 years in the Army, I knew that involved spending considerable time away from loved ones and places I'd like to be. As many others I restricted to my whinging to those in the same place and same boat as me, we chose our path and public moaning and attempts to source sympathy for our choices would receive the contempt it deserved.
  10. How do these dickless, spineless journos keep letting this auld baw bag get away with spouting this ridiculous drivel. Shove your XG and your possession stats up your arse, 1 win in 14 and our table position tell you everything any fan needs to know......Mowbray has massively under achieved with this squad of players
  11. First saw The Jam in Leicester in 1980, went to t5he afternoon sound check and met the band....happy, happy days
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