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  1. You ahould be absolutely fine at the Spurs match. Firstly it's at 12.45 which means an early start. Secondly there has been such a small following at the London matches this year that it's clear that most of the numpties don't bother going (which is very pleasant for the rest of us). Thirdly, we are usually in the upper tier, which is so steep that most people don't even WANT to stand. (I'm the one sitting at the end of a row clinging to the post for dear life- I have dreadful vertigo) The further forward in the stand the better is what I'd say. Those who wish to stand tend to head for the back (especially if it's not a sell-out).
  2. Simple answer. Males between the ages of 14 and 65 not allowed. That would make the game a whole lot safer.
  3. Like me. I gave him no chance and guess, what, I was right! From the idiocy in his first press conference to the lunacy of Dunn up front, Roberts and Derbyshire as wingers and thinking Emerton was the answer to the Bentley question, he showed himself completely out of his depth. Ince was an unqualified man himself with no knowledge of the Premier League. He needed to bring strong skills and knowledge in to overcome that sad lack. He brought in Archie Knox (vastly experienced and not very good) and Ray (who?) Mathias. Sam is qualified (twice over actually) and has current premier League knowledge. Therefore he can afford to have an assistant manager who will learn from him. But who already has the relevant badges.
  4. And after the last piece of rubbish that managed us, most of us are quite happy about that. In the summer, when we were a good team, well run and going somewhere, most of us weren't happy to have him, but now we've been destroyed by the piece of crap that is Ince (who you vehemently supported- which shows all we need to know about your judgment), we're just happy to have someone with a vague idea of what he's doing. Oh, and the relevant qualifications.
  5. Good riddance to very bad rubbish. You'll not be missed. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.
  6. It happened to Celtic in Strachan's first year in charge. I could actually liken the situation with Strachan to Ince's situation. It's only after 3 titles that a lot of fans are giving him grudging respect. And all really because he's not Martin O'Neill. But when Celtic went out to Artmedia Bratislava, if some of the bhoys could have got hold of Strachan he'd have been lynched. Even now, there a lot saying he's not good enough!!! That's what Ince has to contend with- although O'Neill was ADORED by Celtic fans, whereas Hughes was at best warmly thought of by ours.
  7. Gary Croft has retired as well. At least that is his current plan.
  8. I think that's the point. The evidence is that he can ONLY play one way. He had a better squad at Newcastle, and confused the hell out of them by trying to make them hoof it up to the shortest forwards in Christendom. I, for one, don't want to see that every week, but the evidence suggests that's what we'll get. Oh and the biggest team of arse-lickers in the business to support him. 32!! We'll need a bigger dug-out. Honestly think it's about the worst appointment the board could make, and signals the end for our creative players. He was a lumper of a player and his teams take after him.
  9. Fortunately, given the way JW referred to Sourness after he left, that won't happen. And for anyone to seriously suggest it shows they are not Rovers fans, and have no concept about football. There's REASON he hasn't got a job. He's NO BLOODY GOOD.
  10. That's why Dunny won 4 "Man of the Match" polls above- because he's useless. Or could it be that he's actually played quite well in general and there is a certain person who's too blinkered because he lost his girlfriend to Dunny to realise it. Answers on a postcard.
  11. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2008/ma...ootballmanagers Had to be done- although I don't think I've done it right................
  12. Rover6, I'll agree with you. The Steven Reid of much of his first 2 seasons with us was rubbish. He then had a short period where he looked Premiership class, then got injured and hasn't really got back to the required level as yet.
  13. Wish I was, but I am on a course in Miami on Tuesday so, given that the company was paying for the flight, I took advantage and am having an extra couple of days over there. It's a tough job..................
  14. That's why I complained to OFCOM. Suspect nothing will happen, but just thought I'd take it a little further.
  15. The response Thanks for your e-mail regarding 'Match of the Day 2' broadcast on 27 April. I understand you were unhappy with the coverage given to the Portsmouth v Blackburn match and I appreciate you felt the programme should have shown Blackburn Rovers' winning goal. Our intention with the programme is to provide a comprehensive review of recent matches and I'm sorry you've been particularly disappointed by this edition. The choice of matches and goals to report in the programme is frequently very difficult. This choice has to be selective and no matter how carefully such decisions are made, editorial staff are always aware that some people may disagree with them. Coverage is determined by the day's big stories, talking points and most entertaining games. There is certainly no perceived bias to allocate more or less coverage to certain teams. The BBC Sport website covered the match, and a 5 Live report is also available from the following link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/e...em/7356081.stm# I appreciate you feel very strongly that Blackburn Rovers have been neglected by the programme and please be assured that your comments have been included in our audience log. This is circulated widely within the BBC and made available to many BBC staff, including members of the BBC Executive Board, channel controllers and other senior managers. Thanks again for taking the time to contact us with your concerns.
  16. No Talking about what the football clubs were worth. Can't see Rangers in there at all.............
  17. This is the comment I have made to the BBC I have just watched a taped version of "Match of the Day 2". While it has been obvious for a long time how biased the BBC is against my team, Blackburn Rovers, MOTD2 on 27 April hit a new low, even for them. After the game, which Blackburn WON (please note)- we had approximately 5 minutes of discussion, ALL of which centred on Portsmouth's formation for the FA Cup final. Oh, and a comment on how Jermaine Defoe, who "oh woe" can't play in the final, should have had two goals today. Did you replay Rover's goal? Of course you didn't, because then your people would have had to mention Blackburn. In fact the only comment about Blackburn was about Roque Santa Cruz being "one of" the buys of the season. "One of"??? £3.5 million and 21 goals? Just who has been a better buy? While I appreciate Blackburn aren't a big club and it is somewhat rude of us to beat "our 'Arry" and be in the top half of the league, not even replaying the ONE goal in the game during the "summarization" is ridiculous. Awaiting yet another anodyne response- the same one you give whenever one of my fellow supporters complains about your programmes. Yours
  18. Dear god, why are we bringing this up now? I just thank god he went. About 2 1/2 years too late, but at least he went. And some idiot paid us cash money too.
  19. Has anyone hired him in any actual footballing capacity since his brilliant job with Newcastle-where, unlike with us he WASN'T left with the nucleus of a good squad to destroy? Didn't think so. Just accept that the footballing world has seen something which your Souness-coloured glasses haven't and let it go at that. And I was one of the few who said we'd be able to find someone better. Remember this year we're disappointed at not really going for fourth, not delighted at making 17th. And people are now referring to Mark Hughes making the odd "Souness-like" decision. Not exactly flattering to your hero, but apt!!
  20. And here was me hoping that the lack of any recent sightings meant he had gone from (public) life forever. Unfortunately not. Probably in that deluded world thinks he still has something to offer to football. Glad no-one but Sky- who aren't known for being the brightest- agree.
  21. And in a competitive match, I'd agree. This was a friendly. They are, by definition, not competitive and players should have been reminded of this.
  22. Doesn't matter. Team mates in friendlies shouldn't be tackling team mates. The Axe deserves at the very least a reprimand and probably a 2 week pay docking and putting on the transfer list for hurting Rocky- even if it wasn't too bad.
  23. Glad to hear it. I believe it, coming from you!
  24. Not been to Rovers recently have you? 3-1 is nowhere NEAR enough to get a positive atmosphere going- at that point people are still hugging themselves, rocking backwards and forwards and whispering in a pained voice "blow the ******** whistle" ad nauseam. 4-0 with a minute to go, and the place will be rocking!!!
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