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  1. Ewood Park perhaps? It truly is a travesty judging from behind the tv - probably worse up close.
  2. So..still 0-0 I guess? Really not bothered anymore when it comes to first halves at home. Seems like we haven't scored in first half since last century! /s
  3. Why am I not feeling more elated after a win? One quick look at the table, a quick reassessment with my brain, out for a smoke and still....this was not good, Tony!!! "Big Club" were about as bad as was predicted but we should really have performed better today. Still....3 points so act like a russian and say "I CAN'T complain....really...I can't!"
  4. From fuming to celebrating in 10 secoonds....oh the life as a Rovers-supporter! COYB!!!
  5. The main problem with Mowbray and his "tactics" is that they work well when on the counter as it is really easy: lob to ball over the defenders and hope that prefereably Arma gets on the end of it. When attacking against a set defence there is no movement, nowhere for the midfielders to pass and thus the pass goes sideways or backwards. Everyone on here keeps harping on about the defense, but our movement up top is criminal and static. The one outlet this season has been Brereton who creates space for Arma - on the other side you have Gallagher who is static, slow and no good in the air.
  6. Here's an idea....stop using the donkey Gallagher up front where he does F all and make a CB out of him. Does good defensive work when he gets back. Will have more use of his qualities down there as well. Absolutely every time we get forward it breaks down when the ball gets to Gallagher. Time to get rid or re-position.
  7. Hoping to see Dack get a run-out again tonight. Thought he showed glimpses of what we've been missing with him out and he can only get better. Kinda scary to think that an out-of-form recently-back-from-injury Dack is a waaaaay better option than the donkey that is Sam Gallagher. Wouldn't mind Gallagher starting and playing an absolute blinder if it means someone will take him off our hands in january. Absolutely useless the way he is used in our current setup. Could perhaps work in a 4-4-2 in league 1 or 2. I'm at a stage in my annual christmas Rovers depression where I don't really care
  8. Merry Christmas to all Rovers fans all over the world. It is a beautiful day here in Norway - hope those of you who live in and around Blackburn have as good a celebration as you can. Must say I feel for you over new variants of Covid, Brexit, Boris and....drumroll....Tony!
  9. Feeling strangely optimistic about this one....must be the beer! COYB!
  10. Get in! That felt like a win! Will look worse when I wake up tomorrow thinking about suspensions and injuries and the upcoming games....but still....that felt like a win! And another late goal! Upwards and onwards. COYB!
  11. Give up on the game, go to take a piss and BOOM! 2-2! Happy days and COYB!!
  12. We are sorely missing Big Ben! Could do with someone to hold on to the ball a bit. Still...besides the horrible ref (as always!) I will not bow my head in shame over losing 2-1 here. Listening to these Brentford commentators have been sobering (Cheers!). If it been Rovers being Brentford we would be demanding total domination and 5-1. Onwards and upwards!
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