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  1. BRFC is 145 years old on 5 November. That anniversary is worth marking with a pyro or 2.
  2. When the houses on Nuttall Street were being demolished, a body was was dug up in one of the backyards between Tweed Street and Kidder Street which briefly halted the work and led to a murder investigation.
  3. There was the 1970's 'Rovers'. And the crappy 1980's rock song by Frenzy.
  4. I don't care whether they are good honest people, come across exceptionally well or have the club at heart. Waggott, Mowbray and all other managers under Venkys have been bang average or worse. We have been in the play off places for one hour.
  5. All on the wing? ? In short, Mowbray has too much power.
  6. He lived back to back to our house in Langho!
  7. I can remember watching his testimonial in the 80's. Good luck Tony.
  8. Can't be that busy - you're always mucking about on ere.
  9. Good point. We had 4 tiers of government: local, county, national and European. Too many. Now we have 3.
  10. Good, bad or indifferent, Den, it's democracy.
  11. Thought that when I was writing the msg LOL
  12. That Wigan game - they put a promotion offer on and there's no Fosters in the Fosters Fan Zone. Shambles.
  13. Sheron: Hey Balaji, let me know when you're ready for a new manager, I've got one or two kicking their heels.
  14. ....and Lambert was brought to the club by Horner (HSH).
  15. Far too sensible for Tone and doesn't allow for any use of his tombola drum. Mowbray out. Bob Fleming in today.
  16. However the idea could be revisited anytime.
  17. ACV status doesn't prevent a sale, just delays it for 6 months to give community time to raise funds.
  18. But the owners know nothing about football Mr Mash.
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