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  1. You must be the only person surprised by that. No one proactive at Ewood
  2. Why is Rovers such a "private" club these days compared to what it used to be? My thoughts (I might be wrong): Desai and Confused have washed their hands of the club and left it to Fat Barry and his son Jagdish. I came round to this way of thinking more when the tv gantry was switched from the JW stand to the Riverside to make the ground look "better" on tv. Not seen or heard anything to convince me that the club isn't a plaything that Fat Barry spends £20m a year on for something to do.
  3. Stanley have played Morecambe 23 times since they returned to the football league, only losing 3 times, once at home, once away and once at home in the JPT.
  4. Many of the 10,000 fans we have lost were posters on BRFCS.COM. I will always remember them. Keep the faith.
  5. @Glenn times change, things evolve. Some of the people I met through BRFCS.COM are still members of the WMC Group and we are still going strong
  6. Great to hear from you Glenn. Great memories, too many too mention. Met loads of people through BRFCS.COM. Thanks for all your hard work. Hope to see soon pal!
  7. How many things did Tugay famously do when substituted to waste time? Summat like 24? Can remember shin pads off, boots off, waving to the fans and shaking hands with the officials.
  8. Of the famous 1970's side of 4 wingers, Bailey, Hird, Wagstaffe & Taylor, Kevin Hird was sold for a club record fee of £300k to Leeds. I believe Kevin is still knocking around. Time he was recognised by the club.
  9. I can't think of a single aspect of the operation of the club that has improved over the last 10 years. A few aspects that have declined: Integrity. Attendances. Squad quality/league position/cup runs. Management quality. Board of directors quality. Bank balance. Commercial operation. Public relations. Ticket pricing. Atmosphere. Playing surface. Ewood Park maintenance. Catering service. Merchandise. Away travel service.
  10. BRFC is 145 years old on 5 November. That anniversary is worth marking with a pyro or 2.
  11. When the houses on Nuttall Street were being demolished, a body was was dug up in one of the backyards between Tweed Street and Kidder Street which briefly halted the work and led to a murder investigation.
  12. There was the 1970's 'Rovers'. And the crappy 1980's rock song by Frenzy.
  13. I don't care whether they are good honest people, come across exceptionally well or have the club at heart. Waggott, Mowbray and all other managers under Venkys have been bang average or worse. We have been in the play off places for one hour.
  14. All on the wing? ? In short, Mowbray has too much power.
  15. He lived back to back to our house in Langho!
  16. I can remember watching his testimonial in the 80's. Good luck Tony.
  17. Can't be that busy - you're always mucking about on ere.
  18. Good point. We had 4 tiers of government: local, county, national and European. Too many. Now we have 3.
  19. Good, bad or indifferent, Den, it's democracy.
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