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  1. Just not good enough Tone. Watched Gamst's goals on the screens before kick off. Bloody brilliant. Showed how far we have fallen.
  2. It was unique. Why would they create a 'generic' sports bar when most towns/cities have several? If they were looking to grow non-match day business, it's been a huge own goal (pun intended Waggott/Pasha)
  3. Signed Garner and Noel. Two of my heroes. Enough said.
  4. The reason for the Perspex tunnel at Ewood I heard.
  5. Motorhead - Everything Louder Than Everything Else
  6. We used to play in that league until Venkys rolled up. FOV
  7. The House That Jack Built. Weekend football pass for Derby game and Graeme Park gig available for £20. Rovers don't seem to be advertising it. https://www.winterbbn.com
  8. I weren't referring to your Garner shirt Mark, just the stock in general. There's a lack of imagination - as with many aspects of the club these days.
  9. Cannot agree. Birmingham was a big stronghold of the temperance movement and there are big swathes of the city with hardly any pubs. Those breweries that serve the city are hardly top class.
  10. KGH capacity only 2,100 now. One reason why it's not on the circuit any more.
  11. What's the difference between "A northern horde of uncouth garb and strange oath" and a "scrote"?
  12. Was built in the Nuttall Street Stand after the fire.
  13. As it is, the pricing of tickets, food and drink is all set to deter fans (with the exception of the Wigan game - pricing being a reaction to Sky TV coverage on a Monday night).
  14. Take the blinkers off Chaddy. Look at what the Brown family did developing Crow Wood at Burnley out of nothing. Look at what Fred Walker did developing Stanley House out of nothing. Entrepreneurs with Imagination.
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