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  1. Oldham Council flying a huge Lancashire flag over the Oldham Civic Centre today. Didn't expect to see that.
  2. Kenny Senior and that bloody photo in the boardroom! Whatever happened to him?
  3. You say you get behind your team but under your user name it says 'now boycotting'?
  4. Home banker. License to print money. Case of red ordered. Where's Merce?
  5. Mowbray: Right Simon, you'll have to go on the wing, we've got this Brotherston lad at centre forward, he's only young, got a lot to learn but they're a good group. Now where did I put those hobnobs?
  6. Yes, death by a thousand cuts. Now remind me, how many are we up to now?
  7. Maybe he's playing Gallagher on the right wing so he can learn how to play the ball from a corner?
  8. Clearly the fanbase is still divided as it has been for 9 years? . Looking forward to uniting everyone again. Can't see it under Venkys.
  9. Stuart, crossed wires. My point, why have they backed him with so much money for so long. Rhetorical question mate.
  10. Bennett is a poor player. If TM is to be believed why do the others listen to him???
  11. He looked like that in the post match interview after the Huddersfield game. Who is protecting him?
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