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  1. There's only one small problem with following the 'Villa model' - we haven't got a Dean Smith.
  2. No I don't believe anything where Mowbray is concerned. Agree, let's wait and see.
  3. Round pegs in round holes at last but its taken Mowbray 18 months to get there. Let's see if he has learned anything from the game or if he spins the tombola drum yet again.
  4. After sustained pressure by a minority of fans Mowbray finally abandoned his much vaunted new style and first XI for Graham, Rothwell and Nyambe. Thank fuck.
  5. Mowbray was wearing a Rovers scarf. Can't remember that before. Trying to heal the wounds with the fans?
  6. Oldham Council flying a huge Lancashire flag over the Oldham Civic Centre today. Didn't expect to see that.
  7. Kenny Senior and that bloody photo in the boardroom! Whatever happened to him?
  8. You say you get behind your team but under your user name it says 'now boycotting'?
  9. Home banker. License to print money. Case of red ordered. Where's Merce?
  10. Mowbray: Right Simon, you'll have to go on the wing, we've got this Brotherston lad at centre forward, he's only young, got a lot to learn but they're a good group. Now where did I put those hobnobs?
  11. Yes, death by a thousand cuts. Now remind me, how many are we up to now?
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