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  1. Wonder what a poor man's Elliott Bennett would give us?
  2. 5,500 expected at Stanley on Saturday. We'll be lucky to get 11,000 on (bums on seats, not tickets sold).
  3. I wish they would just f**k off tonight and leave tomorrow for us to put the pieces back together again. Desai, Fat Barry, Jagdish, Confused, Babu, Pasha, Waggott, Cheston, Sylvester, Mowbray, Venus, Lowe. One of you must be reading this. F**k off the lot of you and shut the door on your way out.
  4. Jagdish. Been studying at Reading Polytechnic. Don't know what he knows about running a football club.
  5. Peel Park was my mum's old school. Stanley played behind the school.
  6. The mid eighties were far better. We had a good team then.
  7. Free tickets for the Barnsley game being dished out in schools apparently.
  8. Well, reading the minutes, it would appear not.
  9. So we send @Vinjay17, @Stuart, @Mercer and @Leonard Venkhater? A snowball would last longer in the Sahara than our accreditation.
  10. Some call it neglect, others call it managed decline.
  11. Club response: 1. We're looking into it. 2. There's nothing in the budget. 3. As a club, we've done everything.
  12. Because its afraid of losing its press accreditation?
  13. We don't want another Mowbray style signing.
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