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  1. Mowbray doesn't know his arse from his elbow. Mowbray out.
  2. Wigan (h) Mon 23 Dec (for Sky) Cat A. Seems like those who decided to announce the match price categories before the season forgot about televised games. Can't wait to see this crowd.
  3. And....... Decision making appears damagingly slow. The Ewood executives appear to have little if any power. What was the turning point two years ago?
  4. What does Caley do for his salary, apart from netting off seats?
  5. Hope that Venkys have gone by the 150th anniversary. #FOV150
  6. Easiest way: change at Blackburn for Mill Hill and it's a short walk to the Navigation and then to Livesey Branch Road. Just follow the fans.
  7. "As as club we've done everything" Absolute bollocks. Death by a thousand cuts.
  8. It's a mystery. Meanwhile the weeds grow unabated in front of the JW stand.
  9. "As a club we've done everything" Absolute bollocks.
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