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  1. Mind boggling that Tone plied his trade as a centre-half. I'd forgotten about that debacle at Leeds until I read that.
  2. It's not right whichever way you dress it up. The fans forum is a waste of time. Rovers executives are quite capable of reading this board themselves.
  3. Sheff Wed: £43 BBE on the day £7.50 pie & pint "offer" £50.50 total. Hang your head in shame Mr Waggott. At least Dick Turpin wore a mask.
  4. Apparently Jimmy Armfield was the king maker in those days
  5. I was there along with Christine Seddon, chair of Blackpool Supporters Trust.
  6. Not holding my breath either. Wouldn't trust Pasha's judgement in a game of dominoes
  7. Who coached Jones Bradshaw Arnold Gennoe Flowers Friedel
  8. Mowbrays next half time read, How to play your captain in goal.
  9. What's the point in him having a better game if we lost? If he had a better game and we won then fine.
  10. Stuck his head above the parapet and got some serious flak when most looked the other way. Fair play to him.
  11. No sign of Mowbray on the touchline. We have Venkys and Pasha in hiding. And now we have the clique of Mowbray, Waggott, Venus and Lowe in hiding.
  12. Thought our support yesterday was brilliant and dignified under the circumstances.
  13. The Penwortham plank aka the trilby wearing tosser has been copying and posting on to Twitter again. Write your own material Jimbo.
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