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  1. No longer a local club for local people.
  2. "They're a good group". Improving incrementally.
  3. Another sign that we have lost the club. This never happened before Venkys.
  4. We had no money in the 80's but we had no debt either and the football was good.
  5. The pricing for this game alone is disgraceful. See the posts above about all Prem away games £30. Liverpool at home £42.
  6. The price is steep, but it was communicated. What on earth does that mean? It's OK to rip off fans if you tell them beforehand?
  7. After dinner at Venkys after Diwali, something along the lines of: "The people who ripped us off were no good and the nice guys are no good either. We're no good at this game. We should stick to blingy parties with Paris Hilton and try that new lingerie range for larger men".
  8. Save up man? Would you save up £1,000 for a weekend in Blackpool next summer?
  9. That's not the point. They could have said it's £60 or £80 at the start of the season. Open and honest but not right whichever way you dress it up.
  10. Walton better not spill any or we'll be on the slippery slope.
  11. Waggott: "As a club we've done everything", "There's nothing in the budget".
  12. "Club cash" is not cash. It's credit towards overpriced tat in the club shop.
  13. By the time the Combination team has found out the match category, added the tax and remembered if they are 1875 members, they've probably gone to the pub instead.
  14. Ever since Waggott said he wanted the Darwen End for away fans and moved Rovers fans, he has discouraged big crowds either by pricing, moving kick off times or by moving fans upstairs.
  15. Bundles have never worked. I bet single tickets for £20 (no tax) would have more success than 3 for £45. Just suppose you get a free Saturday unexpectedly, you have £20 spare. Ewood! £45 is a big wedge to a lot of people. Lots of people can't guarantee 3 free Saturdays. Imagine a local Combination fixture gets rained off on Saturday morning. 11 lads decide to go to Rovers. A bundle is no good.
  16. Where's the incentive for new Supporters?
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