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  1. Didn't we play that lot in the League Cup soon after relegation. Mowbray lost a lot of credibility by picking a weak side and throwing the game.
  2. @J*B can we get "None of the above" added to the poll?
  3. Dean Smith at Villa is a lifelong Villa fan. He started at Walsall then moved to Brentford before taking over at Villa. He has just celebrated 12 months at Villa, taking them from mid-table Championship to mid-table Premier League. That's the way to do it.
  4. There is still a slope at Ewood from the Darwen End to the Blackburn End.
  5. Andy Holt spent £300,000 on the new pitch this summer, levelling it and raising floodlights.
  6. Academic. We've got a good squad with a manager who doesn't know where to play them.
  7. Back to the thread title. Whatever the style is supposed to be, Rovers play it consistently badly.
  8. In two and half years, Mowbray has never battered a side. Think about that.
  9. This stat keeps coming back to me: Rhodes and Gestede scored more goals than Shearer and Sutton in a single season. Both are doing nothing now.
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