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  1. 1-1 Gamst with a last minute wonder strike from his own half...
  2. hmm.. sceptical... 2-1 to Portsmouth... sick though it makes me feel to say so..
  3. Looking forward to seeing how Lee puts a positive spin on this one on the official site!
  4. Odds that Savage has been refusing to score until he's had a chance to go back to St Andrews?? Sergio with the initial shot too... MGP's star wanes a bit further?
  5. Impressively, he even manages to completely fail to mention the rovers in his summing up of the game.. I guess we can't lose if we don't turn up, so I'll go for 0-0
  6. No-one noticed that Charlton actually have a pretty poor home record at the moment then?
  7. I think that Lawro has used that comment on every single match we've played this season... Anyone would think that these pundits just keep on repeating the same old spiel every week.. oh.. (1-1 btw)
  8. If the rest of the midfield can get a hold of Fulham, then Tugs could work wonders with the ball. I'm just worried that he'll play him as a holding midfielder, which he just hasn't got the legs for any more...
  9. Aye, easy on the racial predjudice. I suspect that they're only bothered about attacking 'Westeners' and causing as much disruption as possible. I don't think that there's much about their killing that's careful or selective beyond that. I'll be very disappointed if, after the calmness and stoic response of the population down here today, there were any stupid race related attacks or riots in any part of the country as petty vengence.
  10. I think that madness is the wrong word. The public are being impressively British and stoic and just going about their business as best they can. The public transport system is pretty badly hit, and I agree that there's unlikely to be any tube services for at least today. As for Al Queda, it does fit their modus operandi from Madrid, so it's not surprising that links are being made.
  11. I don't think that we're looking at anything on the scale of Madrid here (certainly not in casualties), but I agree that the transport network is likely to be messed up for a while. Also, just heard a good comment from a security advisor on the bbc. The madrid bombs were detonated remotely by mobile phone, which would be a good explaination for the mobile phone system not working at the moment in central london. Government ordered shutdown?
  12. Well the trains were still working even after the monitors were fried, our train travelled from Turnpike Lane to at least Finsbury Park (where I changed) with no subsequent problems. The bus explosion wasn't at Russell Square itself, it was at Tavistock Place, which is about halfway between there and Euston. Police have also evacuated an area south of Liverpool Street station now
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