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  1. Set pieces in general have been absolutely pathetic right throughout mowbrays time here
  2. Gallagher's a solid squad player, but he's a centre forward, playing him anywhere else is just a complete waste
  3. We seem to be starting to now 'win ugly' which is usually the sign of a successful team, Mowbray seems to have stumbled onto a formation and way of playing that now suits most of the players, don't like the manager personally but obviously cant argue with the league placing, hopefully it they don't start getting complacent again and this squad is kept together and strengthened a little in some positions in the next window without it affecting the squads harmony they will still be up there at the end of the season. Just hope the owners don't throw a new contract at Mowbray any time soon as I think that would remove the pressure he's under and allow him to revert back to his usual ways, if we reach the play offs I suppose he'd deserve another 12-18months extension but no more.
  4. probably largely to blame for why English football is now completely lacking in any real charecters and just full of dullard athletes that seem to already have one eye on retirement before they even reach their mid 20s, more interested in their future careers working in media and building their social media profiles..... SAD. p.s. Also couldn't it technically be discriminatory to choose to employ people based on whether you personally like them because they fit into a mould of how you think people should be... as apposed to how good they are at the job
  5. absurd isnt it! some fall for it every year now under this dipstick of a manager
  6. It's only the beginning of December!! and our form is pretty average really, it's just the teams around us are doing marginally worst at the moment
  7. is it really not 1971, i had no ideaπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ .shit managers and shit employers.
  8. A real good manager would have strong enough character to just be himself take it or leave and not waste his time worrying about upsetting a players feelings. As long as the managers not a completely irrational lunatic like Roy Kean it shouldn't be a problem.
  9. "Mr. Inbetween" on disney+ (which is pretty ironic really!) You will not be disappointed πŸ‘Œ
  10. anybody remember 'Ultimate soccer manager' on the pc mid 90s!? that was a solid manager game but what made it different was the sim city type aspect that was pretty cool at the time Also if you do a search you can easily find downloads to early versions of champ manager if you're feeling nostalgic
  11. switched off as soon as Dack started talking. he might have been a decent little player but I can't stand that cheecky little cockney geezer act
  12. Ive not seen any mention of a 'sell on clause' being owed to Forest! if/when Brereton is sold. I'm assuming that there will be one though?? even though they already had our pants down for his initial transfee fee
  13. Just finding for me there's waaaay to much information on the screens and the writing is so small its a struggle to read it amongst all the other noise on the screen (either that or i'm dyslexic πŸ˜…πŸ€”)
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