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  1. All the greats we've had have been mentioned repeatedly (and rightly so!) So im going to give a shout out for Lars Bohinen, played some great football for us at times in his first season before woy lost interest in him and scored a few great goals including a quality individual effort against man u
  2. How has corry Evans been here so long, such a mediocre inury prone non entity. He had about 10 good games tops for us in his first season before getting injured.
  3. Would actually be worthbit to see the look on the manager and players faces 😄😄 That said, i think its only fair to point out that although the first team and first team manager are doing poo, the rest of the club(academy-u23s are doing very well it seems) the foundations are there and i will give Mowbray some credit for his part in that... But what's happening with the first team is inexcusable and things have just gone very stale, the only remedy is a new manager with fresh ideas and more enthusiasm!
  4. Sorry not trying to be an arse but i think we play far better as a team without Dack(when he was out for the first half of the season) we're far to predictable with him as the oppo always know that when he's on the pitch all of our attack play goes through him so all they need to do is take him out. That said, Mowbray can still do one, awful league position and performances aside... I'm sick of his whinging, whining and excuses. Now he's also got the club shedding crocodile tears over Dack, seriously back in the day when a player got a bad injurey it was just 'oh well that's a bum
  5. Just for curiosity sake really.... But are there any foreign ex rovers players or coaches currently managing(or coaching at a good level) abroad and looking decent?
  6. I don't understand your question sorry? Both those managers have far better CVs than Mowbray, but i don't think any of those managers are what we need longterm. Also we have some of the best attcking players in the league at present so we need a manager that will get the best of them, whilst at the same time sorting out our awful defensive setup.
  7. Pullis 🤢 I despair, we need someone whos going to bring some optimism & charisma with him, not another hasbin dinosaur. When Mowbray was initially hired, he was the right man for the job at that time and it turned out to be one of the venkys very few successful decisions, let's keep a little faith and hope we again get the right man for the job and also that they don't let Mowbray carry on moping about the place for much longer, further destroying whatever moral is left at the training ground!
  8. How about a veeeeery belated appointment of Sven until the end of the season (longer if he does well) Or Ranieri 🤷‍♂️
  9. Yeah Appleton was just way too young and his timing was unlucky, his fate was sealed before he even walked through the door with Shabby lurking in the shadows undermining his every decision. Also sadly it didn't help that he had a matching dome as Kean at the time!!! he now looks much better with the rug(or is it implants🤔)
  10. very much looks that way, lets just hope this doesn't become another Venky Farce and they make a swift change before player moral completely disintegrates and we go into freefall. Saying that I think for as long as top 6 is still mathematically possible and we win the occasional game then Mowbrey and his cronies will continue to bs the venkys(or whoever makes the big decisions at the club these days)
  11. At this point id take D Johnson as caretaker until the end of the season, he knows the young players well and how to get the best out of them (unless whoevers running the club these days has a Trump card up their sleeve!) I think sadly Mark Hughes is now well passed his best and is now in a similar category as Mowbray as a manager (that said he's still worth a punt, maybe his recent break from the game has rejuvenated him) We need a relatively young hungry manager/coach with fresh ideas, good man management skills and some bloody charisma about him!
  12. The only way Mowbray will leave or get potted is if he loses the dressing room, but as most of the players in the squad where hand picked by him or brought into the senior squad by him that's highly unlikely to happen. saddly. but we'll never do better than mid table in the championship with him and his transparent tactics, lack off a plan b..c... I'd say that I'd love to see Leslie back managing us, but can't see him coming to the championship unless its to a club with genuinely big ambitions and substantial transfer funds available.
  13. Lenihan reminds me of a poorer mans christian daily and Nyambe is just an average championship player at best, neither are promotion candidate material in my opinion.
  14. We need an entire new backline and goalkeeper and they need to be solid, determined, experienced players if the aim is to genuinely get right into the play off spots, other than that I think the squad has more than enough attacking players good enough to see most teams off in this league.
  15. I'm glad Sandomierski was the first player I saw in this, I also thought he showed a lot of potential and a great attitude when he was on the pitch for us. I bet he'd be a good shout to go back in for now if/when Walton leaves at the end of the season(whenever that may be.....) Other than that though I think most of the other players you mentioned where all appreciated for what they where! (by most of us they where anyway)
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