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  1. I just think we need to mix it up and get fresh legs in the starting 11 (something we should have done at the weekend) cant just keep playing pretty much the same 11 in thecsame formation and expecting/hoping things will improve
  2. Would love to see Koumetio get a start against Millwall really like what I saw against Newcastle. Seems a bit raw around the edges but potentially just what our team need(aside from a quality striker and a commanding keeper)
  3. Funny how the team only really give their all when the bbc cameras are there putting them in the window for the next transfer window. I dont think moran has put in two decent performances in a row since he joined and never shows any real desire to win when things aren't going our way, same for brittain. The manager has to really shake the starting 11 up for the next game(well as much as he can anyway when considering how light we are in some positions) but I'd rest Mkfadzean and get koumetio in there somwhere. Probably should also throw the oppo a curve ball and scrap the 3 at the back crap for a game or 2.were just way to predictable, especially as we now relly on Szmodics for most of our goals and attacking play
  4. So if it's "absolute bollocks" then which period under the venkys other than bowyers where we consistently signing better players? Mowbray avaraged one successful signing roughly every couple of years id say and he had more m9ney to spend at times!
  5. Absolute nonsense (to quote another poster🙄) It is possible to think they're all a load of egocentric wanks for various individual reasons but everybody with at leastvhalf a brain knows that the Raos are ultimately to blame for the overall shit show circus the last dozen years have been.
  6. Jdt not taking any responsibility for the teams shite form and predictable kamikaze "style of play" Won't be long until hes taking all the credit for the likes of youngsters like A wharton. The guys now coming across as the the most manipulative manager we've had since kean, only difference is jdt is smarter and more of a likable personality and gave us some good times before it went to 💩
  7. Broughtons signings overall have a better good 2 bad ratio than any other venky period apart from maybe bowyers, especially with the minimal funds he's had and other entities at the club seemingly trying to scupper every signing he makes that costs over a mill
  8. A lot of tabloid rumours about us being interested in Galloway when his contracts up in the summer. He's another one with a shockingly bad injury and fitness record
  9. I'm sure there will have been agent fees(which are never cheap!) and his wages
  10. Why did hybrids seem to go off the boil? Id have thought they'd be the best compromise Seems like every used prius on the market goes straight to taxi firms
  11. I thought brittain started very well but seems to tire quickly(similar with Dolan) I think Sigurdsen has struggled to find a position that suits him for us,I like Garret and his tenacity (not going to be a sensational player, but I think he'll be a solid cm at this level) but he's not ready to be a regular starter Funny to think we played that well without Jrc and Tronstad (who you'd normally think are 2 of our best senior players)
  12. That was more than a win in my book, can't fault any of his decisions tonight and his man management seems great
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