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  1. Indeed. I think the only people that may benefit from seeing a shrink are the ones that have regularly claimed (for ages now) to have inside knowledge about Mowbray being sacked etc.
  2. One only wonders why there is not yet a Netflix series based on this.
  3. Cardiff are shockingly 3-0 down at ex bottom club Sheffield Wednesday. They are likely to be 10 points off the play-offs by Saturday and hence season over. So I expect a terrible game with both teams on the beach similar to the recent Bristol City draw. So we should easily get something out of it.
  4. Even I would be worried if we were only on 40 points. 🤭 Thankfully 46 points is already enough.
  5. In my opinion any talk of going down is ridiculous. Perhaps the season is that boring that talking like that is the only thing one can do to try and inject some excitement into the turgidity of 7 more dead rubber borefests? I think we already have enough points on 46 (plus the GD cushion) to stay up. During the last 5 games all the teams below us have hardly caught up any points and with games running out are all very unlikely to all start going on winning streaks (especially when you factor in the fact that a lot of the teams below us are playing each other several times, lol). After seeing the team with no Brereton or Gallagher I think we should get a draw today so I will go for 1-1. Bournemouth are not the type of team to sit in and keep us out easily. We will definitely score.
  6. This games ONLY saving grace is that it is not a dead rubber for Bournemouth. With a great chance of getting into the play-offs I wonder if they might consider this game a must win, or whether they would take the away point? Are Bournemouth bottlers? That could be the only thing that could save us from defeat. If they come to Ewood with a proper plan for the 3 points then they will take them easily. I will go for a lucky 1-1 with the delusional fans sayings how great we played against a top team - (as they did against Norwich when in truth we were actually lucky not to lose by 2 or 3 goals)
  7. I once worked a whole summer in Boscombe. People told me it was really rough, but having spent many a year in and around Blackpool it was like a comparative paradise.
  8. HELL NO! Whether it be a season ticket, an odd ticket when possible or even an i-Follow pass. I will not be paying any more into the Rovers Coffers until the Coventrio have gone. This is Keane Mk 2. Consider me a Mowboycotter. Not only is the football utter crap, he is a devious shit that has pulled the wool over many a fan's eyes.
  9. I will not be paying 10 pounds to watch this. I actually preferred the international break as it seemed like the domestic season proper was over. It is actually quite depressing to think there are still several games of pointless turgid boredom to go. The saving grace is that nobody has to waste any travel time during the current times. I think we will win the game 2-0 (though I would not care if Wycombe won 2-0). Wycombe are bottom for a reason and since any chance of having an end of season that mattered has long gone a few wins when it hardly matters is to be expected. That is the kind of set up we have these days. Yawns. Mowbray Out please before it is too late to save next season.
  10. I do not really care about this game. In fact I would rather we did not win or Mowbray will be getting a 5 year contract extension for beating the champions. Though I think we will lose 2-1 with the usual boring excuses about how we went toe to toe and almost won again. Zzzzzzzz!
  11. Wow! The media would have made 3 months of headlines had Trump done this. Surely this is not the guy in control of the nukes? Good job he was not carrying that button. How long has he got left? Scary times for everyone now that a war monger close to the end is the President.
  12. I do not normally swear so much but that was FUCKING DIRE!
  13. A team picked by someone that does not care about the future of Blackburn Rovers. With the season over and no difference in the prize of finishing 11th or 18th, the loanees that will not be here next season should have been sent back by now.
  14. It is really difficult to be up for this mid table mediocrity game. 1-1 with Bristol giving slightly more of a rat's ass about the game than us.
  15. I think Grot BAG would have a better chance of blossoming than those two (even in her current state).
  16. It is more shocking to see who has not been sacked when you look at the form table for the last 10 games.
  17. I did a pay monthly for iFollow, but I have just cancelled it out of boredom (I did think our season might have stretched into April at least, not be over in February). Why am I even going to watch the game today (I know it is on Sky)? I do not know. Probably to see if David Raya has improved. I think Brentford might have an off day and we will win. But it is far too late to matter. 1-0 to Rovers. Without any cheer.
  18. Hi. Not being able to attend games and being in a foreign country might well contribute to this feeling. But when I saw the score on the internet (whilst out) during the game today, I really did not give a crap when we scored, if we scored, whether we won or lost. It was the same feeling. Winning 2-0 or if we had lost 2-0, I really did not and do not care. It is stupid time in the morning. But, I just need to ask. Does anyone feel the same? Particularly those that are living in Blackburn itself. Does it even matter? Has Mowbray done this to me? For the first time ever (and I include the Keane years when I was in Blackburn) I really just feel numb. Win or lose it is the same feeling. I really do not care and I will not be paying to watch iFollow and if back in Blackburn I feel there is zero chance in hell I would ever buy a season ticket. What is happening?
  19. It seems this is a growing trend. I am wondering if it is worth the 10 English pounds. Probably not. It certainly would not be if the weather was better. Though I think we will win 2-1 today then have to suffer drivel about turning the corner and the FB clappers will be out talking about a late push for the play-offs again.
  20. I think we will only need 6 more points to all but guarantee staying up. Even if we were to not get a point this month we still have teams like Wycombe, Rotherham, Sheffield Wednesday, Huddersfield and Birmingham to play. Perhaps people have forgotten just how bad some of those teams are? The we could not care less whether we win or lose attitude from our manager will most probably not make any difference. But it is a very serious case of gaslighting. We have gone from aiming for the top 6 to a manager that has now conned a lot of people into thinking that lower mid table is some kind of achievement.
  21. It was terrible. Basically an arrogant could not care less attitude with a veiled insult that working class oiks should not expect anything better. If he had any honour he would have already fallen on his sword.
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