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  1. Missed club football. Should be looking at nothing but 3 points here but Luton have started well. That last game of the 19/20 season should be a motivator after Luton hiding the ball! A quarter of the season gone and that massive injury list reduced (slightly) and you would think the new signings should have settled in now. I am going to say we will nick a 0 - 1.
  2. 1. Dingles 2. Notlob/ Nob End 3. Wigan (personal) I can see us getting our annual drubbing Tuesday night as PNE have been poor all season at home..
  3. My Deepest condolonces to the friends and family. R.I.P fellow rover A minutes silence should definately be in order on wednesday night...
  4. in some ways i agree with pearce as there are the likes of terry, rio gerrard and lampard who have played far more games than bentley have and some with serious injuries on top of all that however i think he has made this decision on the back of the farce that occured in estonia the other day which i feel will be a massive blow to his confidence after all i think hes been the best right winger in the country all season long and no longer has to prove himself at u21 level. When beckham gets injured early on numpty mclaren would rather replace him with the likes of downing, dyer and jenas who i think are absolutely s**te so that shows what kind of manager we have in charge. After all this all i can say is that it doesnt do any harm for rovers next season does it and thats the only thing im concerned about
  5. shouldnt do m8, it will effect those coming from darwen the mose and those who get off the M way at darwen
  6. Does anyone know how many tickets rovers have sold thanks
  7. (Please don't use that word again) you its true though
  8. its true though blackburn is only a small town anyway with lets face it a massive popullation of asians so if we could attract more of them we might improve attendances
  9. why dont we just stick one of those onions they have on top of mosques on the riverside then we might fill it :ph34r:
  10. i thought our best player last night was brett emerton and whictout him in last night chelsea couldve had a lot more chances
  11. we can expect another poor attendence for this 1 probz less than 10,000
  12. does anybody have an idea of how many rovers fans we can expect tomorrow our following to liverpool has never been great especially because its only an hour and half away
  13. thanks neil weaver got to go on train now because official travel now booked up i dont realy fancy walking through the slums of liverpool to get to anfield coz ive heard its a bit rough
  14. does anyone know the best way to get to anfield by train
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