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    Just moved to Somerset, now in Afghanistan!!!

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  1. Tough game this one especially as we've just come off the back of 3 straight defeats not to mention the injury list. 1 -1 Benni The fans need to be the 12th man tonight so lets get behind them........... C'mon ROVERS.............
  2. Just got back had a great time....... Luckily I did'nt see any bother Nice to see John Williams in the main square. Got a picture with him. Would'nt by us a beer though..... What a game, everyone went wild when the second goal went in something that I will never forget... Well done Rovers, lets hope we make in to Hampdan
  3. Just heard that Reidy has a stress fracture in his back and will be out for at lest 4 months Speedy recovery Riedy
  4. Palace has got to be up there - hard to get to/wooden seats/expensive ale etc Pompey - at least I,ve been luckey enough not have been there when its been raining Chelski- expensive!!! Man Ure- the volume of people-packed trams etc Villa-crap facilities/NO BEER!! Turd Moor- Enough said
  5. No money actually changed hands in the investigation. However its obviously well corrupt......
  6. Just wondering if anyone's getting the 08:10 from Stansted to Munich on Wednesday? Can't wait
  7. Jordan have you got our hotel details mate?
  8. I think he should come home...... His grass in his garden needs cutting
  9. Where are you flying from Langoblue? I'm flying from Stansted on Easyjet at 0810 on Wed.
  10. Just booked flights from Stansted to Munich (Easyjet) £107 Rtn. Dep Wed13 Rtn Fri 15. Train to Salzburg 52 Euros. Bring it on........... We'll be going round Europe on the pi$$.........
  11. Rovers just din't seem to be bothered at all........... I bothered to go and support my team ......... I bothered to fork out for a hotel/travel/ticket etc............ I bothered to drink copious amount of alcohol (medicinal of course).... Why could'nt they?
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