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  1. This appears every year so I thought I would start it off. 1. Chelsea 2. Liverpool 3. Man Utd 4.Tottenham 5. Arsenal. 6. Newcastle 7. Watford 8. Rovers 9. Everton 10. Pompey 11. Villa 12. Fulham 13. Wigan 14. Bolton 15. City 16. Boro 17. Charlton 18. West Ham 19. Reading 20. Sheff Utd
  2. Poland Ev v Ecuador 2/1 09/06 POLAND Holland 8/11 v Serbia and Montenegro 7/2 11/06 DRAW Australia 5/4 v Japan 7/4 12/06 DRAW Czech Rep 4/5 v USA 3/1 12/06 CZECH Korea 10/11 v Togo 12/5 13/06 KOREA France 8/11 v Switzerland 4/1 13/06 FRANCE Get those first 6 right to win at least 20 quid Spain 4/5 v Ukraine 3/1 14/06 DRAW Tunisia 10/11 v Saudi Arabia 5/2 14/06 TUNISIA Ecuador 11/10 v Costa Rica 2/1 15/06 DRAW Sweden 4/5 v Paraguay 3/1 15/06 SWEDEN Holland 4/6 v Ivory Coast 7/2 16/06 HOLAND Czech Rep 4/6 v Ghana 12/5 17/06 CZECH Get those first 12 right to win at least 1000 quid Croatia 8/11 v Japan 10/3 18/06 JAPAN Poland 4/5 v Costa Rica 11/4 20/06 POLAND England 5/6 v Sweden 11/4 20/06 ENGLAND Iran 5/4 v Angola 7/4 21/06 IRAN Portugal 11/10 v Mexico 2/1 21/06 DRAW Ivory Coast 5/4 v Serbia 6/4 21/06 SERBIA Get those first 18 right to win at least 20,000 quid Argentina 5/4 v Holland 15/8 21/06 ARGENTINA USA 11/10 v Ghana 2/1 22/06 USA Italy 11/10 v Czech Republic 2/1 22/06 DRAW Croatia 5/6 v Australia 11/4 22/06 DRAW Ukraine 8/11 v Tunisia 3/1 23/06 UKRAINE Switzerland v Korea 9/4 23/06 SWISS Get all 24 right to win 1 million quid
  3. 0-0 Red for Paraguay missed pen for england
  4. Well said AntiManUtd I dont like to see people having a go for no reason. Back on topic some referees will be worse than others but we all know ours will most likely be bad... everytime we lose at least. :ph34r:
  5. Hey Paddy lad good result, keep it up.
  6. Just checked post count in this topic and yours is 26! You either love your squad numbers, or just want to keep your topic going
  7. I just tried dat team cunnt afford it ?Someone dreaming EDIT: Kuqi and Kuqi are brothers.
  9. Are you an attention seeker or what? Every post of yours in in CAPS, give it a rest man.
  10. Who cares? I'l love my team whoever plays 4 us.
  11. Chill, chill, chill! FFS, he is right it is july the numbers aren't out so it is a bit to early to talk about them. Talk about being overprotective about your own topic, 'stupid' bit harsh!!!
  12. ok I dont say all negative points I normally like to read other peoples points more than saying my own, as I have seen people with higher number of posts talk down to people with low numbers of posts. i apologise for getting angry and I didnt mean to take it out on you.
  13. And another good thing is that everyone can express their own opinion, so if people do find thing either boring or exciting then they have the right to say it. You may like this topic as you are in Norway about a player in Norway therefore maybe want to talk about it and find it more exciting than others!
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