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  1. RIP Tashor. Enjoyed your posts in the olden days when I used to visit.
  2. You should be looking ahead, not down onto your PSP! Bloody kids
  3. Loving, System of a Down - BYOB
  4. If its anything like the Tamworth Herald it must have headlines like 'Man Walks Dog' and 'Woman paints fence and annoys man'
  5. Someone asked about pubs. Been to Cardiff twice for cup finals and the best pub in town is the Prince Of Wales. It's a converted theatre (So we were told) and it's a Whetherspoons, so it's cheap and effing huuuuuge.
  6. As i was ranting to a 3 customer services person on the phone at the weekend he asked me if i liked football. I said yes and said i supported rovers. He laughed and mentioned he was a Rangers fan and was dead chuffed to see Baz back at Rangers. We got talking about how he did in England and i asked how he was getting on. He seemed to think that it made a difference having him back and he feels he'll eventually get back to his best and make all the difference in the title race. We then spoke about how good Dickov was and how he'd love to see Savage playing for Rangers.
  7. Actually Bob, i was refering to the rumoured and made up story about Blackburn Rovers forming a feeder club system with Tamworth F.C. not Tamworth Academicals (and getting rid of the existing relationship with Italian Serie G club Circle Bilge), developing great bonds between the two clubs, encouraging fans to travel to both teams games, sharing resources and as you mentioned, maybe even kit manufacturers (i.e. Nike). But you may be right. I think it'll probably be Uhlsport and we'll have 'We Believe in Football' put on our shirts again.
  8. If they pay Tamworth, Paul and my old football club which has been folded for about 6 months, then SURELY they'll consider making the Rovers kit?
  9. Nike also make Tamworths kit. We might get Nike.
  10. Only 1 other team comes within a million miles of being supported by me Tamworth - Home town. That is all..
  11. Well, who would have thought that i'd be feeling like i am today! Was going to do house work this morning to try and calm the nerves but instead i'm going for a long walk with the dog and girlfriend. Once the match is over i'm going to packup and head back to Cranwell Lets hope i'm listening to five live with a smile on my face!
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