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  1. It's ok Bolton's new owners meeting the requirements of the league but have they met the requirements of the player's demands to be paid their unpaid wages in full? If not, can they guarantee that the players will be willing to play?
  2. I really don't think he'll go, from what I've read, the majority of the people who seem to complaining are from this country and Fifa will put that down to 'sour grapes'. I've noticed that Fifa have started wheeling out people to support him, one described Blatter's comments as 'unfortunate'.
  3. First to say what a great write up by the OP to convey such sad news. I remember him during the 80's, mainly just to say hello to. I had the "pleasure" of being on one of his stop offs in Stafford on the way back from Pompey. I was also on the train that crashed, I was with my dad who was one of the worst injured. I remember him and the other steward running back and foward down the train. We shouldn't have been on the train, we had booked to go on the coach but there were only a few on it so we were moved on to the train. Yet another link to the "Good Old Days" gone. My thoughts go out to his family and friends, I'm sure he'll be watching Ewood from above.
  4. Imo if it was any other player who had commited that foul on sunday against another team, there wouldn't be half the fuss there is now. Didn't he get suspended by newcastle for what he said after the match rather the foul? I mean most people would argree, getting 2 points out of 15 and only scoring 1 goal in the process is pretty sh@t! Shearers tactics during those games have also been sh@t, so I suppose Barton was talking the truth. Would I want playing in blue and white, I don't know but after all the fuss the media made of the incident then I'm not so sure. Were ever he's playing football next season he'll always have the press ready to pounce on any little (or large) indescretion he makes!
  5. I think you should have said once again the top 3 or 4 are the top dogs. The fact that only one English team made in to quarter final of the uefa cup shows how wide the gap between the big 4 and the rest of the league is in europe.
  6. Don't think it will be another all English final, IMO Barca will be to strong for Chelsea and with Arsenal having problems with injury to key defenders, United will make it to the final. So for me it will be a United v Barca, a re-run of the 1991 cup winners cup that Utd won 2-1 thanks to two goals from a certain Mark Hughes!
  7. Well I'll hold my hand up, its official Benni starts for the reserves Benni plays for the reserves Maybe benni and Carlos could be the starting two up front against stoke and he is trying it out tonight.
  8. Are you sure about that? I would have thought it a bit strange, as he is due to be at the club shop signing autographs a few hours before the game starts. just looked on the official site and there's nothing on it yet about the reserves
  9. rovgers

    Rovers Songs

    Anybody any idea where this song section is? I've checked through the messageboard and can't find it!
  10. rovgers

    Rovers Songs

    I can't see a rovers song topic, I'm sure there used to be one! Any way this is my contribution to start the ball rolling again Sung to the come by ah tune: El Hadji Diouf my lord El Hadji Diouf El Hadji Diouf my lord El Hadji Diouf El Hadji Diouf my lord El Hadji Diouf oh lord El Hadji Diouf You could also use the same tune with Santa Cruz Santa cruz my lord Santa cruz etc etc We could even sing one after the other. Ps Mods feel free to merge this, if there is an already existing thread.
  11. Don't think you can compare the two. Mr Nield works for a local newspaper in which a story gets ready to be printed about 14 hours before its read, as we all know football stories have a habit of changing very quickly. Mr Nixon works for a national newspaper and has the kindness to put up info on to this site but doesn't have to put out a full page story about Rovers every day. Maybe we need to invite Nield on here to have his own thread, that way we can have a battle of the journo threads and see who gets the most views.
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